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These types of bones have a length greater than width, are hollow.
Long Bones
These bones have a length and width that are equal.
Short Bones
Bones used as "armor"
Flat Bones
Round bones, and everything else
Irregular Bones
What type of bone are the sternum, cranium, and scapula?
What are the tarsals and carpals?
What are the ribs?
What are the arms and legs?
Vertebra, facial bones, patella?
What are the function of osteoclasts?
To break down cells in the bone.
What are the function of osteoblasts?
To repair bones.
Name 5 functions of bones
1. Support
2. Muscle attachment
3. Protection
4. Formation of blood cells
5. Storage of Ca and P.
What does the axial skeleton contain?
skull, spine, ribcage, sternum
What does the appendicular skeleton contain?
Pelvis, girdles, scapula, clavicle, arms, legs
What does the word hemopoiesis mean?
Blood production
What type of bone growth is it when bone grows in width?
What type of bone growth occurs when bones grow from cartilage and causes height increase?
In bone growth, cartilage cells ossicify away from the epipyseal plate and form the ____________.
Epiphyseal line
What part of the bone is capped with hyelin (articulating) cartilage?
What part of the bone is the end part?
What part of the bone stores yellow marrow (fat)?
What part of the bone is spongy and filled with red bone marrow?
True or false: Red bone marrow produces red blood cells, and yellow marrow produces white blood cells.
False--Red marrow produces red and white cells.
What part of the bone is the shaft?
What part of the bone is more compact and is an aversion system?
What does the epiphysis contain that are rods forming a bony wall?
What does the term cancellous refer to?
It has holes
What separates the diaphysis from the epiphysis?
the epiphyseal line
This type of cartilage is smooth, slippery, and bloodless.
Articular cartilage
The ____________ is a fibrous, cellular, vascular, and highly sensitive life support sheath for bone, and provides nutrients for blood and bone cells.
Cancellous bone contains this type of marrow:
Red marrow
This type of bone in the diaphysis consists of repeating patterns of solid bone tissue organized into cencentric layers.
Compact bone
The ____________ of the diaphysis lightens bone weight and provides space for marrow.
Medullary Cavity
This structure enters the medullary cavity and branches throughout, supplying the shart with nutrients.
Nutrient Artery
This type of bone resists the stresses of weight, posture changes and muscular development.
Cancellous (spongy) bone