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What is the name of the cells located on the outside of the peristeum (bone structure)?
The osteoprogenitor cells.
What does healing of a bone fracture depend on?
The peristeum.
Osteoprogenitor cells.
are located on outer surface of peristeum, and give rise to the osteoblasts.
What are the most important cells in the bone and why?
the osteoblasts, they produce the bone matrix.
What is unique about the pisiform bone and the patella if they are fractured?
for one they are both sesamoid bones, and they do not have peiosteum, if they are fractured there will not be a boney union, can not heal.
What covers the peristeum?
is covered by muscles, get blood vessels from the muscles-muscular arteries. Important concept-periosteum vessels is supplied by muscular arteries.
Why is it important to know about the muscle surrounding the periosteum, say for example in the tibia?
at the bottom 1/3 of the tibia there is no muscle surrounding bone (or periosteum)if fractured there is difficulty in healing, it takes a long time b/c periosteum blood vessels is less. tibia fracture can take 6 months to heal compared to 6-8 weeks in a normal fracture.
Fill in the blank, if periosteum vessels are rich/abundant a fracture will heal----, and if they are sparse it will heal-----?
faster, longer.