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bony dysplasia affects what age and what bones
everything on everybody
what is thanatophoric dwarfism
lethal dwarfism
what is OI due to
type I collagen defect
what types of findings for pt?
fragile bones and wormian skull
what is fibrous dysplasia
lesion in cancellous bone
what is the pathological fracture for fibrous dysplasia
shepard's crook
ground glass appearance on x-ray is a sign for
fibrous dysplasia
what is osteopetrosis due to
overactive acidification by osteoclasts
what is the worst case scenario in osteopetrosis
CN compression...hepatosplenomegaly
what do osteopetrosis bones look like?
thick and unremoddeled
what is Paget's disease
overactive osteoclasts in the adult
early on paget's disease is characterized by? later on?
early - osteoclasts go crazy
late - osteoblasts work but suck at it
what metabolic changes are seen in Paget disease
normal Ca but very high alk PO4
what is seen histologically in Paget's
paget phalanx - osteoclasts running a muck
what is characteristic of cement lines
mosaic bone seen in Paget disease
3 bone tumor that are bone derived
plasma cell myeloma
ewing sarcoma
what is most common excised tumor
sarcoma usually occur in wwhat age?
the 0-5 age group is at risk of
metastatic - neuroblastoma
20-40 most commonly gets (4 of em)
1. MFH
2. giant cell
3. fibrosarcoma
4. lymphoma
the over age 40 grou is at risk of
metastatic tumors
#1 primary bone tumor in over 40 pts
#1 bone sarcoma in over 40 pts
osteosarcoma typically occurs where
distal femur
prox tibia
prox humerus
the 5-20 age group is at risk of
osteosarcoma and ewing sarcoma
lace like pattern of osteoid is characteristic of
what is #1 bone sarcoma in >40yr old pts
#1 childhood cancer of bone
what age group does ewing sarcoma affect
less than age 20
giant cell tumor of bone affects what age group
giant cell tumor of bone affects what part of bone
ends of long bones
myeloma is made up of what type of cells
number 1 bone sarcoma over the age of 40
number 1 bone tumor over age 40
metastatic tumors show changes in what to lab values
high alk PO4 and high Ca
occurs in young athletic trauma
myositis ossificans
nodular fascitis occurs on what part of body
two most common benign soft tissue neoplasms
hemangiomas in kids
lipoma in adult women
soft tissue sarcomas occur in what age group
synovial sarcoma affects what age group