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The Three Disciples
Christ grants them to stay until his coming, shall never taste of death/sorrow, fullness of joy, names not given
last great Jaradite prophet, record on 24 gold plates, speaks of Christ and New Jer, hides in cave, views destruction of Jaredites, calls Cor to repentance, finishes and hides records
Jaradite king, discovered by people of Zarahemla, king over all land in days of ether, captured by Shared, then liberated by sons, meets Shared in battle, wounded, throne taken by Gilead, battles Shiz, wounded, repents, writes shiz, camps at Ramah, wathched by ether, final battle slays shiz, falls wounded
Jaradite military leader, pursues Coriantmur, people divided btwn COR & shiz, battles cor army, slai by cor
in land antum, Ammaron deposits records in hill, mormon takes them from it, omner & fam travel near it, place where nephites were destroyed
major capital of Nephites, church established there, burned at Christs' death b/c people would not repent, in the end it is rebuilt
Lamanites pursue Nephites there, near land where Ammaron deposits records
Nephite city to the north, Lamaites come there to battle, possessed by Lam, near city Teancum, regained by Nephites, possessed again by lam, great battle des
Nephites gather there, land of many waters, records hidden, all but 24 neph slain at cum.,
in mesopotamia, jaradites travel north to nimrod, Lord talk to brother of JAr there
Mount Shelem
mountain in old world named by jaradites, where brother of jar obtains stones,
New Jerusalem
shall come down out of heaven to this land, gentiles shall assist remnant of israel in building it
Mountain Zerin
brother of jared moved it
jaradite name for hill cumorah, army of coriantumr pitched tents by it, where mormon hid records