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idcirco ADV
on that account; therefore;
nutus, nutus M
ad nutum here" acc to whim; nod; command, will; [ad nutum => instantly; with the agreement of];
prosterno, prosternere, prostravi, prostratus
knock over, lay low; strike down, overthrow; exaust; debase/demean; prostrate;
perexiguus, perexigua, perexiguum
very small
dare manus + dat
yield to, give in to
amaritudo, amaritudinis N F
bitterness (taste/feelings/mind); sharpness, tang, pungency; harshness (sound)
dego, degere, degi, - V
pass one's life; spend/pass (time); spend/bide one's time in; carry on, wage; conduct away?;
exilis, exile,
trifling, small, thin; poor;
sterno, sternere, stravi, stratus
spread, strew, scatter; lay out;
tono, tonare, tonui, tonitus
thunder; speak thunderous tones/thunderously
restinguo, restinguere, restinxi, restinctus
extinguish, quench, quell
redarguo, redarguere, redargui, - V
refute; prove untrue;
torreo, torrere, torrui, tostus
parch, roast, scorch, bake, burn; dry up;
Trio, Trionis N M
oxen (pl.) used for plowing; constellations Great/Little Bear (7 stars/oxen);
ambitus, ambitus N M
circumference, circuit, edge, extent; orbit, cycle;
arto, artare, artavi, artatus
wedge in, fit/close firmly, tighten; compress, pack in
coarto, coartare, coartavi, coartatus
narrow; hem in, pack/crowd/bring/fit close together, restrict;
licet CONJ
although, granted that;
prolixus, prolixa -um,
extensive, big/tall (man), lengthly/copious (writings); extended, wide; long, drawn-out;
solamen, solaminis N N
source of comfort, solace
mordaciter ADV
sharply, bitingly, stingingly, caustically;
praecipuus, praecipua, praecipuum ADJ
particular, especial; outstanding
to such a degree
gestio, gestire, gestivi, gestitus V
be eager, wish passionately; gesticulate, express strong feeling, exult;
ventosus, ventosa, ventosum ADJ
windy; swift (as the wind); fickle, changeable; vain, puffed up;
succingo, succingere, succinxi, succinctus V
gather up with a belt or girdle; prepare for action; surround;
adipiscor, adipisci, adeptus sum
gain, secure, win, obtain; arrive at,
uncus, unci N M
hook, barb, clamp
sodalis, sodalis n
companion, associate, mate, intimate, comrade,
indigeo, indigere, indigui, - V
need, lack, require
integer, integra -um,
unimpaired, intact; untouched, entire, whole, complete; uninjured, sound, fresh
festino, festinare, festinavi, festinatus V
hasten, hurry;
diffluo, diffluere, diffluxi, diffluctus V
waste/wear/melt away; dissolve
with each other (they confuse cause and effect)
delectatio, delectationis N F
delight; (source of) delight/pleasure/enjoyment/amusement;