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glomero, glomerare, glomeravi, glomeratus
collect, amass, assemble; form into a ball;
The Northwest wind
polus, poli N M
pole; here: "the arch of heaven"
resero, reserare, reseravi, reseratus
open up, unseal, unbar
haurio, haurire, hausi, haustus
draw up/out; drink, swallow, drain, exhaust;
cardo, cardinis N M
hinge; pole, axis; chief point/circumstance
sarcina, sarcinae
pack, bundle, soldier's kit; baggage (pl.), belongings, chattles; load, burden;
partio, partire, partivi, partitus

partior, partiri, partitus sum
share, divide up, distribute;
incomitatus, incomitata, incomitatum
lacesso, lacessere, lacessivi, lacessitus
provoke, excite, harass, challenge, harass; attack, assail;
praeceptor, praeceptoris N M
teacher, instructor;
promereo, promerere, promerui, promeritus
merit; deserve; gain
molior, moliri, molitus sum
labor at; construct, build; undertake,
renitor, reniti, renisus sum
struggle, offer physical resistance; be resistant (substance), not to yield;
reclamo, reclamare, reclamavi, reclamatus
cry out in protest at;
discindo, discindere, discidi, discissus
cut in two, divide;
abripio, abripere, abripui, abreptus
drag/snatch/carry/remove away by force; wash/blow away
panniculus, panniculi
little garment;
habitus, habitus N M
condition, state; garment/dress/"get-up"
clades, cladis N F
defeat, slaughter; ruin;
disaster, calamity;
salum, sali N N
open sea, high sea, main, deep, ocean; sea in motion, billow, waves;
to be despised
lymphans, (gen.), lymphantis ADJ
frenzied, frantic; distracted; deranged, crazy;
here and there; everywhere;
incubo, incubare, incubui, incubitus V
lie in or on (w/DAT); sit upon; brood over; keep a jealous watch
obversor, obversari, obversatus sum
here: move about; appear before one; go to and fro publicly;
communico, communicare, communicavi, communicatus
share; share/divide with/out; receive/take a share of;
funditus ADV
from the bottom/by the root; utterly/completely
exagito, exagitare, exagitavi, exagitatus
stir up, disturb continually, harass; drive out;
aestus, aestus N M
agitation, passion, seething; raging, boiling; heat/fire; sea tide/spray/swell;
caminus, camini N M
furnace, forge
exarmo, exarmare, exarmavi, exarmatus
disarm, deprive of weapons/arms; weaken, deprive of military strength;
clipeum, clipei N N
round/embossed shield (usu. bronze); disk of sun; vault of sky; meteorite;
necto, nectere, nexui, nexus V
tie, bind;
illabor, illabi, illapsus sum
here: "make their way into" + dat.; slide/glide/flow (into), move smoothly; fall/sink (on to);
detego, detegere, detexi, detectus
uncover/disclose/reveal; expose, lay bare;
ammonitio, ammonitionis N F
reminder; warning, advice; rebuke;
emineo, eminere, eminui, -
stand out; be prominent/preeminent, excel; project;
deligo, deligere, delegi, delectus
pick/pluck off, cull; choose, select,
sancio, sancire, sanxi, sanctus
ratify; sanction; fulfil (prophesy); enact (law); ordain; dedicate;
offensio, offensionis N F
displeasure; accident;
protego, protegere, protexi, protectus
cover, protect;