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lacer, lacera, lacerum
mangled, torn, rent, mutilated; maimed, dismembered;
elegus, elegi
elegiac verses (pl.), elegy;
solor, solari, solatus sum
console, comfort; soothe, ease, lighten, relieve,
propero, properare, properavi, properatus
hurry, speed up; be quick;
intempestivus, intempestiva, intempestivum
untimely, ill timed; unreasonable;
canus, cani
gray hairs (pl.); old age;
effetus, effeta, effetum
exhausted, worn out;
cutis, cutis N F
skin; external appearance,
surdus, surda, surdum
deaf, unresponsive to what is said; falling on deaf ears; muffled, muted;
asto, astare, astiti, - V INTRANS
stand at/on/by; assist; stand up/upright/waiting/still, stand on one's feet;
aevum, aevi N N
time, time of life, age, old age, generation; passage/lapse of time; all time;
cohibeo, cohibere, cohibui, cohibitus
contain; hold back, restrain, curb, hinder; confine
subtilis, subtile, subtilior -or -us, subtilissimus -a -um ADJ
fine-spun, fine; slender, delicate, exact; minutely thorough
caligo, caliginis N F
mist/fog; darkness/gloom/murkiness; moral/intellectual/mental dark; dizziness;
scala, scalae N F
scido, scidere, scidi, scisus
tear, rend, cut to pieces; tear
torvus, torva, torvum
pitiless, grim; savage;
spina, spinae
thorn/spine/prickle (plant/animal); spike (asparagus); thorn-bush
uber, uberis (gen.), uberior -or -us, uberrimus -a -um ADJ
fertile, rich, abundant, abounding,
seges, segetis N F
grain field; crop;
laedo, laedere, laesi, laesus
strike; hurt, injure, wound; offend, annoy;
affectus, affectus
affection, passion, ; feeling, mood, emotion; condition, state
increpo, increpare, increpui, increpitus
rebuke, chide, reprove; protest at/indignantly, complain loudly/scornfully;
verecundia, verecundiae
shame; respect; modesty;
dignosco, dignoscere,
discern, distinguish, be able to separate;
conqueror, conqueri, conquestus sum
bewail, lament, utter a complaint; complain of, deplore;
hebeo, hebere,
be blunt; be sluggish/inactive; grow dim/faint,
flatus, flatus N M
blowing; snorting; breath; breeze;
gelidus, gelida, gelidum
ice cold, icy;
flamen, flaminis N N
breeze, wind, gale; blast;
sollicito, sollicitare, sollicitavi, sollicitatus
disturb, worry; stir up, arouse, agitate, incite;
ver, veris N N
spring; spring-time of life, youth;
orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatus
equip; dress; decorate, honor; furnish, adorn,
rimor, rimari, rimatus sum
probe, search; rummage about for, examine, explore;
stolidus, stolida -um,
dull, stupid, insensible; brutish; inert (things);
evado, evadere, evasi, evasus
here: emerged, come to; evade, escape; avoid;
prorsus ADV
absolutely, entirely, utterly,
caligo, caligare, caligavi, caligatus
be dark/gloomy/misty/cloudy; have bad vision; cloud; be blinded; be/make dizzy;
ruga, rugae
wrinkle; crease, small fold;