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APU provides what to the aircraft?
Electrical power and bleed air.
What is the maximum APU start limit?
3 starts within 60 minutes.
What is the maximum APU altitude limit for bleed air?
17,500 feet.
What is the maximum APU altitude limit for electrical power?
43,100 feet.
APU battery supplies power to?
1) Starter

2) Air inlet door

3) APU control circuitry
Aircraft battery supplies power to?
1) Fire protection

2) APU fuel valve

3) DC fuel pump

4) APU control circuitry
APU sequence:
1) Selector to start

2) APU fuel valve opens

3) APU inlet door starts to open

4) DC pumps starts in left tank

5) Electric starter engages
Average APU fuel consumption:
115kg/hour - ground
90kg/hour - flight
APU requires what to start?
APU battery and airplane battery.
APU fuel is provided automatically from?
The left FWD fuel pump.
The APU RUN light flashes twice to indicate?
A test of the system has been performed.
The APU start cycle takes?
60 seconds.
If APU bleed air was in use prior to shutdown...
The APU runs for an additional one minute cool down period.