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What were the first organisms on earth?
Chordates sheet.
T/F The same set of genes direct body development in vertebrates as invertebrates
What were the first chordates to succeed on land? Give reasons.
Reptiles. Strong jaws/limbs, could lay eggs on land.
What are humans classified as, from Domain on?
Animalia, Chordates, Mammalia, Primates, Hominidae, Homo, Sapiens
Animals Can Make People Hate Helping Sometimes
Define tissue.
A group of cells that work together to perform a function
Define Organ
A defined body structure of one or more tissues that performs a function
Define Organ System
Two or more organs working together to perform a function
What's the main purpose of the Integumentary (Skin) system? (3)
To keep out invaders, prevent desiccation, and aid in reception.
What's the main purpose of the Circulatory system?
To transport the blood throughout the body, which contains oxygen and glucose.
What's the main purpose of the muscular system? (2)
To aid in movement and produce heat via respiration
What's the main purpose of the respiratory system? (2)
Allows the breathing in of oxygen and expulsion of carbon dioxide
What's the main purpose of the digestive system? (2)
To change unusable energy from food into usable glucose, and excrete waste
What's the main purpose of the skeletal system? (5)
Support soft tissues, protect organs, aid in movement, create bone marrow, and store minerals.
What's the main purpose of the lymphatic system? (2)
To attack infections that have gone through the first line of defense, filter the spleen
What's the main purpose of the endocrine system?
Control body activities via hormones
What's the main purpose of the urinary system?
To flush out excess fluids via the kidneys
What's the main purpose of the nervous system?
To control and coordinate the cells in the body
What is homeostasis
Maintaining a relatively constant environment within an organism
How does homeostasis work in humans?
The body systems work together to maintain it, which is necessary due to enzymes.
Why is it needed?
What 2 systems are responsible for “control” of the body & overall maintenance of homeostasis?
Nervous (short-term) and Endocrine (Long-term)