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Which MUSCLE is also called a hamstring?
Biceps Femoris (hamstring)
Which upper arm MUSCLES work together make your elbow bend and straighten?
Biceps & Triceps
Bend your knee. It can only bend one way, like a hinge. Which BONE forms the top part of the hinge?
Femur (thigh bone)
What's another name for your hip BONE?
Beat your chest gently like a gorilla. Which MUSCLE cushions your blows?
Hold out your hand, palm down. Which BONE is on top of your forearm?
Which BONES attach to both the sternum (breastbone) and vertebrae?
Point you toe. Which large leg MUSCLE helps you do this?
Gastrocnemius [GAS trok NEE mee us]
Which BONE is also called your collarbone?
Clavicle [KLAV ih kel]
Which BONE has "sockets" to hold the "ball-shaped" tops of your femurs?
Straighten your leg and flex your thigh. Which big MUSCLE do you feel on top of your femur bone?
Quadracep (thigh)
Which BONES form your backbone or spine?
Vertebrae [ver tuh bray]
Tap yourself on the shoulder. Which MUSCLE covers your shoulder joint?
Raise your arm straight out to the side. Which MUSCLE are you using most?
Which MUSCLE squeezes hard and relaxes on its own about every second or so?