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This causes intrapleural pressure to fall during inspiration?
contraction of the diaphragm
Weakening diaphragmatic contractions during breathing indicates...?
NMJ pathology
Rx for pt exposed to radioactive isotopes of iodine?
potassium iodide
The only pathogenic fungus that has a capsule?
cryptococcus neoformans
What stain turns crytococcus red?
mucicarmine stain
The liver uptakes indirect bilirubin through what type of process?
passive process
The liver secretes direct bilirubin through what type of process?
active process
What type of bilirubin is water soluble and can be excreted in the urine?
direct bilirubin
What condition would be seen if active transport of bilirubin is inhibited in the liver?
increases direct bilirubin in the urine-hyperbilirubinuria
Type of diverticula that contains only mucosa and submucosa that herniates through the muscular wall?
false diverticula
Meckels diverticula is a true diverticula that contains what layers of the gut wall?
mucosa, submucosa, and muscularis mucosa
2 examples of false diverticula?
colon and zenker (upper esophageal) diverticula
hormone responsible for the LH surge?
Levels of this hormone rise after ovulation?
one sides kidney atrophy =
RAS=renal artery stenosis
Large jaw and ears+macroorchidism
fragile X syndrome