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What are 6 characteristics of jawless fish?
1-tubelike bodies covered with slime
2-do not have paired fins
3-do not have jaws
4-round mouth line with teeth
5-skeleton w/cartilage
6-cold blooded
What are 6 characteristics of cartilage fish?
1-skeleton of cartilage
3-toothlike scales on skin
4-paired fins
5-rows of sharp teeth that slant back ward
6-cold blooded
What are 6 characteristics of bony fish?
1-skeleton of bone
2-skin with scales
3-gill covers
5-swim bladder
6-cold blooded
What are 6 characteristics of amphibians?
1-lay eggs in water
2-young have gills
3-adults have lungs
4-broad mouth w/a sticky tounge
5-hind legs larger than front legs
6-cold blooded
What are 5 characteristics of reptiles?
1-scaly skin (dry)
2-well developed lungs
3-two pairs of legs and clawed toes
4-egg has tough shell
5-cold blooded
What are 5 characteristics of birds?
3-hollow bones
4-warm blooded
5-have beaks, no teeth
What are 4 characteristics of mammals?
1-hair or fur
2-feed milk to young
3-warm blooded
4-well developed body systems