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Infants have 1 log unit less sensitivity in _____ wavelengths compared to adults.
Who has a lower range of spatial frequency sensitivity, infants or adults?
What age do infants lose step saccade?
4-5 months
Infants pupils are smaller than adults, but reach adult size by _____ months?
6 months
Do infant saccades have a longer or shorter latency than adults?
How much hyperopia is seen in a newborn?
Less than 2 D hyperopia.
What age does liquefaction of the vitreous begin at?
40 years.
Most premature babies are born ____ while normal term babies are born _____.
myopic, hyperopic
What is the age range where ocular transmission decreases?
45-65 years old.
What type of gaze do older people have more trouble with?
Superior gaze
What is the most common childhood birth defect regarding the lacrimal system?
punctal stenosis
What age does smooth pursuits start to appear?
6 weeks.
Stereopsis develops at what age?
5-6 months
Is the amount of light that reaches the retina of an older person compared to a younger person less or more.
What age is amp of accom at adult level?
4-6 months
What color do elderly have trouble distinguishing?
The lacrimal gland is not fully developed until what age?
4-6 months
Where is the sclera the most elastic in children?
At the equator.
What grade is the trend of increasing myopia in school children the most obvious?
3rd grade.
VA increases appoximately 1 cycle/degree per month until what month?
20 months
What type of acuity is the last to develop?
Vernier acuity
How many degrees is visual field in newborns?
40 degrees
Vitreous is most liquid at what age?
60 years.
With age, what type of proteins increase?
water soluble.