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What is the method of locating unkown position on a mapp called
What is method of locating unkown points on a mapp called
3 parts of a protractor are
Index point base line scaled outer edge
What are the 3 norths and how are they symbolized on a map
true north with a star
Grid north with GM
Maginec north with broken arrow
What graphic scale is most commonly used by marines
How close with a 4 6 8 diget grid get you
4 1000
6 100
4 10
10 1
Every 5th contour line from zero elevation is called
Index Contour line
What is the distance between contour lines called
Contour Interval
What do contour lines on a map show
Elevation and relief
Where is a map legend found
bottom left
What 4 things are the squad leaders responible for
Tactical employment
fire discipline
fire control
maneuver of the squad
3 phases of offensive combat
Prepatory phase
conduct phase
Consolidation reorganzation phase
What article of ucmj deals with the rights of the accused
Article 31
What are the punitive ariticles of the ucmj
What is article 15
What is article 91
Disrespect or insurbordinate condut to an NCO
What are the 4 sources of miltary law
US Constition
International Law
Court decisions
What is article 87
Missing a movement
What is the purpose of NJP
To give the commander a essitenl and prompt means of maintaining good order and discipline
What is the purpose of a prliminary inquiry
Give the Commander pertinent information of the matter so that the officer with NJP authourity can decide whether not to due NJP