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What AR covers ASAP
AR 600-85
Your Grandfather's a drunk at what age?
Is participation in ASAP mandatory for individuals that are command referred?
Yes, refusal of participation constitutes a violation of a direct order
What happens to soldiers that fail to participate in or fail to respond successfully to rehabilitation
They are processed for seperation
You're outa here!
What are the ways that soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem
1)Voluntary(self referral) 2) Command referral 3)Biochemical
4)Medical 5)Investigational or Apprehension
5 ways
What are the objectives of rehabilitation with ASAP
1)Return soldier to full duty as soon as possible
2)Identify those who cannot be rehabilitated
2 objectives
What are the objectives of Bio-Chemical testing (urinalysis)
2)To facilitate early identification of abusers
3)Enables Commanders to assess security,military fitness, good order and discipline in their units
4)To monitor rehabilitation
5)To dtermine the presence of illegal drugs during inspections
6 objectives
Commanders may direct drug testing under what conditions
Unit inspections(either the entire or part of a unit)
Search and seizure/probable cause
Command directed/reasonable cause
Rehabilitation; Voluntary
5 conditions
All referrals are accomplished by the Commander or 1SG using what form
Completing and signing the DA Form 8003 Referral Form
Can Soldiers that are enrolled in the ASAP rehabilitation program reenlist
No, but soldiers who need additional time to complete the program may extend the number of months required
8 months to go
Will soldiers who are Command referred to ASAP be flagged
What does ACS stand for
Army Community Services
What does the ACS symbol represent
The Heart = giving
the cross = help
the gyroscope = stability
What is the ACS mission statement
The Army Community Service's mission statement is: ACS will assist commanders in maintaining readiness of individuals,families,and communities with America's Army; by developing, coordinating, and delivering services which promote self reliance,resiliency,and stability during war and peace
What army regulation covers ACS
AR 608-1
ACS is number 1
What is the motto of ACS
Self help; service; and stability
Three s's
What is the ACS mission
Improve readiness and increase retention by providing services to assist soldiers and their families in solving problems beyond their ability to solve alone through the provisions of the eight essential services outlined in AR608-1
Who qualifies for ACS
Military personnel members and their families; mostly new soldiers arriving on post
Hello newbie
What can you do to help out ACS
Donate Staple foodstuff to the food lockers, time, and usable household goods
What AR covers ACES
AR 621-5
Lower number of education
What AR covers Army Learning Centers
AR 621-6
What does TABE stand for
Test of Adult Basic Education
Back to basics for adults
How much of your tuition does the Tuition Assistance Grant cover
Name some Federal Financial Aid programs available to soldiers through ACES
Pell Grant; Perkins Loans; Guaranteed Student Loans
As a minimum, the ACES will provide 10 basic services, what are they
Functional Academic Skills Training: High Scool Completion Program: Servicemen's Opportunity College Associate Degree Program: Veteran's Educational Assistance Program: Skill Recognition Program: Language Program(headstart): Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support Services: Education Counseling Service: MOS Reference Library: Testin Service
What does DANTES stand for
Defense of Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
What does DANTES do
provides standarized testing services free to military personnel. Family members and civilians may take DANTES tests but must pay for each test taken
Soldiers with a GT score of less than 110 should be referred to what
BSEP-soldiers with a score below 100 are usually automatically enrolled:soldiers with 100-110 can be command referred
Soldiers who begin their active service after what date are eligible to receive the new GI BILL
July 1985, but the are required to pay $100 a month for the first 12 months
What does SOC stand for
Service members Opportunity Colleges
What does SOCAD stand for
Service members Opportunity College Associates Degree