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In areas where personnel may be exposed to corrosive materials, which items must be available?
Protective eyewear
Eyewash facilities
Warning Signs
Personnel just passing through an eye hazard area do NOT need eye protection as long as they keep moving?
Which contaminants is formed from condensation of vaporized solids?
Which contaminants results from the incomplete combustion of coal, wood and oil?
Fine liquid droplets suspended in air by condensation or atomization will cause which contaminants?
Small solid particles created by the breaking up of larger particles by machine shop tools will cause which contaminant?
Which method affords the best personnel protection from industrial respiratory hazards?
Exhaust ventilation systems?
When, if ever, would a surgical mask be considered as adequate for industrial respiratory protection?
An air purifying type of respirator can be used in a space that has insufficient oxygen?
If you disclose information about a person to unathorized personnel, you could be fined up to what maximum amount?
The guidance and policy for making sure that equal opportunity works rests with what office?
If a sailor takes part in insensitive practices, he receives counseling on treating people equally. If counseling isn't effective, what action, if any, may take place?
Administrative action only
Disciplinary action only
On what basis should supervisors assign duties such as food service and compartment cleaning?
A fair, rotational basis
Which is an example of a campaign or service award?
Good Conduct medal
Which is the purpose of the Military ID card under article 17 of the Geneva convention?
As a means of ID for prisioners of war.
According to grooming standards for women, what is the maximum length of fingernails from the tip of the finger?
1/4 inch
Enlisted women E6 and below are authorized to wear ball type earrings of what size and color?
6mm, silver
When personnel are in ranks, the chest of one person and the back of the person ahead should be what distance apart?
40 inches
A pace consists of a full step of what length for men and women?
30 inches; 24 inches
Which drill positions is the basic military position?
Talk is permitted when you are in which of the following formation positions?
How many movements are used to perform the about face command?
When the command "Close Ranks" is given the to members in formation, the fourth rank moves how many paces forward?
The preliminary inquiry officer completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7
Section E
Under article 15 of the UCMJ, the CO has how many punishments identified that he or she can impose at mast?