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what branch of the service is NOT a DOD military department?
coast guard
by law, what person heads the department of the navy?
secretary of the navy
title 10 of the U.S. code tes that which of the following actions are part of the navy's mission?
1. oversee construction, outfitting, and repair of naval ships, equipment, and facilities.
2. station troops in forward positions
3. commands U.S. forces in CONUS
4. commander and chief of all sea commands
1. oversee construction, outfitting, and repair of naval ships, equipment, and facilities.
what are the three principle components on the DON?
the navy department executive offices, the operating forces including the marine corps, and the shore establishment.
the operating forces are under the command of the....
chief of naval operations
what is the purpose of the shore establishment?
to provide support to the operating forces
aboard ship, what publication contains information about the ships organization?
standard organization and regulations of the us navy and shipboard organization and regulations manual
what is a ready source of info about the duties, responsibilities, and authority of personnel assigned to a ship?
ship's organization and regulations manual
what are the two elements of a ships organization?
battle organization and administrative organization
each ship is organized into what minimum number of departments?
what is the responsibility of the operations dept?
forecasting weather and conducting and analizing intelligence information
the damage control assistant is a member of what department on a ship?
if a ship doesnt have a deck department, what department is responsible for inspection and maintenance of survival equipment?
who is ultimately responsible for the safe navigation of the ship?
commanding officer
when a ship is abandon, custom and regulation require what action by the C.O. ?
to be the last person to leave the ship
what is the function of the command master chief?
to transmit ideas and recommendations directly to the C.O.
which is not a duty of the X.O.?
1. assignment of personnel
2. coordination of ships drills
3. assignment of punishment to offenders
4. coordination of policing and inspection of the ship
3. assignment of punishment to offenders
if the X.O. becomes incapacitated, what person normally takes over his or her duties?
the next senior line officer assigned to the ship
what reason do commanding officers and executive officers ussually have seperate battlestations aboard ship?
to decrease the likelihood of their being disabled at the same time
the department head is responsible for which of the functions within a department?
1. general condition of equipment
2. administrative matters
3. operational readiness of the department
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
the divo has the responsibility of carrying out which of the following duties?
1. making frequent inspections of division spaces, equipment, personnel, and supplies
2. maintaining copies of division orders and bills and displaying them conspicuously
3. training division personnel and preparing them for battle
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
most of the jobs that are done by the X.O.'s assistants aboard ship are the responsibility of what department in an aircraft squadron?
administrative department
which of the following is a responsibility of the operations department of an aircraft squadron?
1. overall maintenance of the ships aircraft
2. operational readiness and tactical efficency
3. squadron safety program
4. all of the above
2. operational readiness and tactical efficency
what is the definition of job accountability?
answering to seniors in the chain of command for the way you do your job
what is meant by effective communications in the chain of command?
the action of seniors informing juniors about matters that affect the juniors, and the action of juniors informin seniors of existing problems