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What is a policy?
An overall plan that contains general goals and broad guidelines.
What does does pollution produce?
Physical and biological effects. Biological is more serious.
What creates the most pollution?
Motor vehicles
What are the primary municipal pollutants?
Raw or inadequately treated sewage
What causes steel to erode 2 to 4 times faster than normal?
Sulfur oxides
What does it mean to be nonselective in reference to pesticides?
They kill or damage life forms other than their intended purpose.
When in foreign waters, Navy vessels comply with what when operating marine sanitation devices?
(SOFA) Status of Forces Agreement
Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash at sea within how many nautical miles from the U.S. Coast?
Pulped trash cannot be discharged within how many miles of the U.S. Coastline?
Vessels may not discharge any trash within how many miles of any foreign coastline?
Subs may discharge negatively bouyant compacted trash not less than how many nautical miles from the U.S. shore at what depth?
12NM at 1000 fathoms or greater
Where does the US get most of its crude oil from?
Middle East countries
No servicewoman may be assigned overseas or travel overseas after the beginning of what week of pregnancy?
Pregnant servicewomen wont remain aboard ship if it takes longer than how many hours for medical evacuation to a treatment facility?
6 hours
Servicewomen cannot remain on board a deployed unit beyond what week of pregnany?