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The three military departments of the Department of Defense (DoD) are the?
Navy, Army, and Air Force.
The three basic components of the Department of the Navy are?
Navy Department, Operating forces, Shore Establishment
The U.S. Coast Guard operates under the following two departments?
a. Wartime-Department of the Navy b. Peacetime-Department ofTransportation
Aboard ship, the ship's organization and regulations can be found in a publication known as the?
Shipboard Organization and Regulations Manual, which is based on the Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy
The two elements of a ship's organization are the?
a. Battle organization b. Administration organization
Is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship, the condition of the ship, and the appearance of material and personnel?
commanding officer
Duties of the XO include?
a. Arranging and coordinating ship/s work, drills, exercises, and policing and inspecting the ship b. Investigating matters affecting crew discipline and conduct. c. Approving/disapproving liberty lists and leave requests d. Inspecting the ship and receiving readiness reports from department heads
The basic unit of a shipboard organization?