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Which tools does a supervisor use to identify and develop solutions to eliminate hazards
Job safety analysis
Which factors is a safety benefit of a job safety analysis (JSA)
The use of the completed JSA
Which forms can be used to document a safety observation or a JSA?
OPNAV Form 5100/14
What are two basic principles of mishap prevention?
To eliminate potential mishap causes and prevent mishaps
To spot and to eliminate potential mishap causes
Enlisted safety commitee recommendations concerning the command safety program are submmited to which person?
Safety council (department head level)
The command's enlisted safety commitee should convene according to what schedule?
Assisting the safety officer in keeping the safety program visible to all hands is the responsability of what group?
MAA/Safety force
According to NAVOSH regulations you are required to immediately report all observed work place hazards to what person?
Before allowing personnel to operate or repair industrial equipment, you should ensure that they have a practical knowledge of what aspects of the equipment?
Applicable safety precautions
Operation and repair
If one of your personnel has a circulatory disease, you should not allow that person to operate which types of tools?
Vibrating tools
What OPNAVINST requires supervisors to ensure that their personnel are aware of safety precautions, the work site is safe, and personnel are outfitted with protective clothing?
What material is prohibited from use or storage aboard a ship
Methyl bromide
Who must approve the removal of asbestos insulation aboard ship?
Rip-out teams to remove asbestos will be composed of what minimum number of persons?
Who trains safety petty officers and damage control petty officers in selecting, fit-testing, and maintaning respirators?
Gas-free engineering officer
Which type of equipment should be used as a source of breathing air only in emergency situations?
Oxygen breathing apparatus
Surgical masks can be used in place of a filter respirator
What respirator cartridge color should be used when working around organic vapors?
What color cartridge protects against radioactive materials
Personnel should be entered in a hearing testing program if they are required to work in a designated noise hazard area with sound levels that average more than what maximum decibel (dB) level?
84 dB
Which tasks requires that you wear eye protection while performing the job?
Pouring molten metals
Dust-producing operations
Which personnel is responsible for identifying eye-hazardous areas?
Safety Officer
If a worker has a visual impairment in one eye, the person is required to wear protective eye wear when performing which jobs?
Combat duties
Mess cooking duties
Standing a military watch
A heat stress survey should be conducted whenever the work station dry-bulb reading exceeds what temperature?
100 degrees farenheit
The controlling document for the entire tag-out procedure
tag-out log
The number of tag-out logs that each ship class must maintain is specified by which individuals
Force Commander
The tag-out log has 4 sections maintained within the log.
On non-nuclear ships a tag-out audit is conducted every
two weeks
Your signature on the tag-out log after an audit serves which purpose?
That the log is verified up to date
When placed in a survival situation, what publication gives the senior person the authority to be in charge?
Code of Conduct
Navy Regulations
Survival is a group or team effort. What total percentage of individual effort must be put forth by each member to make sure the group/team is not captured?
In a shore survival situation, if you are the senior member, the will to survive becomes a personal struggle between the environment and...?
your specific general qualities
All persons placed in a survival situation feel which of the following useful emotions?
In a survival situation, when you become more alert, hear better, see better, and are able to perform feats of strength, you are experiencing...?
a normal reaction to fear
What traits will enhance your chances of survival?
If captured, your duty is to take what actions?
Resist the enemy by all possible means
In a Prisioner of war camp, the senior line officer or non-commissioned officer assumes command of fellow prisioners without regard to branch of service. If this senior officer or NCO becomes incapacitated for any reason, who assumes command?
The next senior officer
What words in the Code of Conduct signify each American's faith and confidence in their country and service?
I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life
If you are the senior person in a survival at-sea situation, you will be responsible for making sure your group is safe. Which techniques will aid you in boosting morale?
Besides the Code of Conduct what else gives you authority in a survival situation as the senior person?
Navy Regulations
It is often said that "undue haste makes waste." In a survival situation, if you are careless and impatient, you will begin to encounter what experiences?
The taking of unnecessary risks
In a survival situation you can always improve your situation if you take what action?
If a group is to survive, it must be highly organized; therefore, each person must be assigned tasks based on what criteria?
The personal qualifications of each person
Your best chance for survival is to learn the techniques and methods for survival
Which factors is important in a survival situation and greatly reduces your chances of survival and escape if it is lost?
Your health and strength and that of your group