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What is a Policy?
A policy is an overall plan that contains general goals and broad guidelines.

Usually establishes the end that should be obtained, but not the means of getting there.
Pollution produces what two effects and which one is the more serious of the two?
Pollution produces physical and biological effects that can vary from mildly irritating to lethal.

Biological effects are the most serious of the two.
Primary Municipal Pollutants are what?
Primary Municipal Pollutants are raw or inadequately treated sewage.
Most pesticides are what?

What does that mean?
Most pesticides are nonselective which means they kill or damage life forms other than their intended purpose.
Under what Act does each state has the primary responsibility for assuring air quality?
The Clean Air Act
What is a program?
A program is a plan or system that will provide the means to reach the goal.
What creates the most pollution?
Motor vehicles create the most pollution.
What does Sulfur oxides cause?
Sulfur oxides cause steel to erode two to four times faster than normal.
The primary pollution concern of Navy personnel is produced by?
Shipboard wastes.
What sanitation devices has the Navy installed on most of its ships?
Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs)