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What date commemorates the birthday of the United States Navy?
13 OCT 1775
The Second Continental Congress approved the purchase of how many vessels?
Which of the following were naval vessels in the early 19th century?
- Frigates
- Sloops of way
- Ships of the line
All of the Above
What category of ship carried the largest number of guns?
Ships of the line
What type of ships did privateers typically sail?
what ship was the first warfare submarine?
Which of the following ships has the distinction of being the U.S. Navy's first flagship?
What country was the first to recognize the "Stars and Stripes"?
John Paul Jones is often referred to as the "father of our highest naval traditions" because of the exampel he set as an officer during the Revolutionary War. He is also famous becuase of which of the following accomplishments?
His victory over the HMS Serapis
At various times during the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Navy had 56 vessels. What was the peak number of vessels that were operating at any one time?
Approximately how many ships did the British loose to privateers?
what is the oldest U.S. Navy ship still in commission?
Who was president when the U.S. Navy Department was established?
John Adams
When did the expression "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute" originate?
During the "Quasi" War
Who led the naval forces into Tripoli Harbor and destroyed the captured US frigate USS Philadelphia?
Stephen Decatur
The War of 1812 was caused, in part, by the efforts to accomplish what goal?
Forcing France to establish trade relations with the United States
During the War of 1812, what ship earned the nickname "Old Ironsides"?
On which Great Lake did Captain Oliver Hazard Perry defeat a British squadron, cutting British supply lines?
Lake Erie
What ship was one of the first ships-of-the line?
North Carolina
The first half of the 19th century saw a development that was to change navies all over the world. what was the development?
Steam power
In 1854, Commodore Perry signed a treaty that opened up what market to American trade?
Although neither side could claim victory, the battle between the USS Monitor and the Virginia (Merrimack) was important for what reason?
The battle began the era of the ironclads
The first true submarine attack was conducted against what Union ship?
USS Housatonic
During what Civil War battle was the order "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" given?
Mobile Bay
What person defined sea power, showed the importance of knowing naval needs, and advocated a large, powerful Navy?
Alfred T. Mahan
What ship has been labeled as the first modern cruiser in the U.S. Fleet?
USS Newark
"Remember the Maine," referring to the USS Maine, was the battle cry for which of the following wars?
The Spanish-American War
In what year did the Navy accept its first operations submarine?
Construction of our first destroyer began in what year?
What ship was considered our first "first-class" battleship?
USS Indiana
Who was the Navy's first aviator?
LT. Ellyson
Destroyers were first used effectively for antisubmarine warfare during what war?
World War I
In what war did women first serve as member of the Navy?
World War I
In what capacity did women first serve as member of the Navy?
What was the first aircraft carrier designed from the keel up?
USS Ranger
What was the first naval battle fo World War II in which two opposing fleets didn't see each other during combat?
The Battle of the Coral Sea
What was the decisive battel fo World War II that became the turning point of the war in the Pacific?
The Battle of Midway
During World War II, the Japanese loss/losses of what island(s) heralded the end of the war in the Pacific?
During World War II, the Navy was heavily involved in which of the following Atlantic (European) actions?
the invasion of Normandy
What types of ships were built during World War II?
Net tenders; mine sweepers, and repair ships
What types of combat systems came into full use during World War II?
Radar and Sonar
During World War II, WAVES were eligible for how many ratings?
In what year was the Women's Armed Service Integration Act passed?
The first extensive use of jet aircraft and helicopters occurred during what war?
The Korean Conflict
The first U.S. Navy nuclear-powered vessel was what type of ship?
In what year did the USS Nautilus make its history-making transpolar voyage?
In what year were the first nuclear-powered suface ships launched?
In waht year was the first American satellite placed in orbit?
America's fist suborbital flight was make by what Navy officer?
Commander Shepard Jr
Which of the following warfare tactics was used during the Vietnam Police Action?
- Gunfire support
- Riverine operations
- Coastal interdiction
Each of the above
Which of the following ships was the world's first nuclear-powered carrier?
USS Enterprise
What moon mission was completely manned by Navy personnel?
Apollo 12
In wat year was the Alvin, a deep diving vehicle, tested at 6,000-foot depths?
In what year was the first nuclear-powered, deep-submergence research and ocean-engineering vehicle launched?
Which of the following is/are principle development(s) of the Trident system?
- A nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missile submarine
- A strategic weapons system
- An intergrated logistics support system
All of the above
What are the most recent additions to the surface fleet?
Ticonderoga-class cruisers; Arleigh Burke-class destoryers
The Navy helped move approximately how many pounds of equipment and supplies during Dessert Shield/Desert Storm?
18.3 billion tons