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What are the sources that set forth the basic disciplinary laws for the U.S. Navy?
- U.S. Navy Regulations
- Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy
- Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
What are the characteristics traits of a good sailor?
- Puts the good of the ship and the navy above personal likes and dislikes
- Obeys the rules of military courtesy and etiquette
- Demonstrates loyalty, slf-control, honest, and truthfulness
In what year was the Code of Conduct first prescribed?
The Code of Conduct was adopted to provide guidance for service personnel in which of the following circumstances?
When facing the enemy as prisoners of war
In what year wes Executive Order 12633 issued amending the Code of Conduct to use neutral-gender language?
How many articles make up the Code of Conduct?
When, if every, may you voluntarily surrender to the enemy?
Who may be assigned shore patrol duties?
Officers and Petty Officers
In areas where different armed services are located, the military police from each service may be combined to form one unit. What term identifies this unit?
Armed Forces Police Detachment
Aboard ship, the master-at-arms (MAA) force is headed by the chief master-at-arms (CMAA). The CMAA works directly for which officer?
Executive officer
Discipline training develops what personal traits?
Character; efficiency; self-control
Discipline is important to the Navy for what reason?
To enable personnel to function as a unit with a high degree of efficiency
Punishment is administered in the Navy for which of the following reasons?
To serve as an object lesson to the wrongdoer and others
What chapter of the United States Navy Regulations describe the right and responsibilities of all Navy members?
What person is responsible for making sure that the Navy Regs confroms to the current needs of the Department of the Navy?
The Chief of Naval Operations