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personal selling process
prospecting, preapproach, approach, presentation, close, and follow up
stimuluas response presentation
given the approp stimulus, the prospect will buy; suggestive selling
formula selling presentation
step by step; canned sales presentation
need satisfaction presentation
id needs and interests and tailor presentation
consultive selling
focuses on problem id, where the salesperson serves as an expert on problem recog and resolution
acknowledge and convert, postpone, agree and neutralize, accept, denial, ignore
trial close
ask consumer to make decision about aspect of the purchase
assumptive close
ask prospect to consider choices under assumption sale has been finalized
urgency close
commit prospect quickly; emph timeliness
sales plan
set objectives, organize sales force, develoop acct mgmt policies
customer organization
diff types of buyers have diff needs; higher admin costs and duplication of selling effort
major/key acct mgmt
using team selling to focus on impt cusotmers so as to build mut beneficial, LT coop relationships
product organization
specific knowledge req to sell certain types of products
geographical org
min travel time, exp, duplication of selling effort
workload method
size of salesforce depends on #customers, call freq and length, and available selling time
emoitional intelligence
ability to understand one's own emotions and the emotions of pple with whom one interacts on a daily basis.