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pioneering ads
intro stage; tell what a product is, what it can do, and where it can be found; inform the target market. interesting,convincing, and effective
comparative ads
promotes a specific brand's feautres and benefits; persuade target markte to select over competitor
reminder ads
reinforce previous knowledge of a product; mature phase
reinforcement ads
assure current users they made the right choice
advocacy ads
state position of a company on an issue
pioneering institutional ads
announce what a company is, can do, and where located
competitive institutional ads
promote advantages of one product class over another and are used in mkts where diff product CLASSES compete for same buyers (Milk)
reminder institutional ads
bring company's name to the attention of the target mkt again
fear appeals
avoid some negative experience through the purchase and use of a p/serivce, a change in behavior, or a reduction in the use of the product
sex appeals
product will increase attractiveness of the user; can distract audience from purpose of ad
humorous appeals
imply that the product is more fun/exciting then competitor's. tends to wear out quickly, eventually boring consumer
# diff pple/households exposed to ad
% of households in a mkt that tune in
avg # of times a person in the target audience is exposed to a message or ad
gross rating points (GRPs)
reach times frequency
cost per thousand (CPM)
cost of reaching 1000 indiv with the ad message in a given medium
+: reaches large audiences; uses print, picture,sound and motion; target specific audiences
-:$$$; short exposure time, difficult to convey complex info
+: low cost; target spec aud; placed quickly; use sound, humor intimacy
-: no visual element; short exposure; diff to convey complex info
+: target spec aud, long life, high qual color, long life; convey complex info
-: long time to place; rel high cost; competes for attention w/features
+: good coverage of local mkts; places and changed fast; quick response; low cost
-: compete w/features; short life; poor color
Yellow pages
+: coverage of geographic seg; long use; avail247
-: lots of diretories; diff to keep up to date
+: video and audio; animation; interactive ads w/links
-: time to load; effectiveness uncertain
+: low cost; local mkt; high visibility; opp for repeated exposure
-: short message; low aud selection; traffic hazard
direct mail
+: high selectivity; complex info and personalized messages; high quality graphics
-: high cost per contact; poor image
buyer turnover
how often new buyers enter the mkt; higher the turnover, greater amt of ad req
purchase freq
more freq product is purchased, the less repetition is req
forgetting rate
speed with which buyers forget the brand if ad is not seen
continuous schedule
seasonal factors unimportant
flighting (intermittent) schedules
pds of ad scheduled btwn pds of none
pulse (burst) ad
combo of flighting and cont b/c of increases in demand, heavy pds of promotion, or intro of a new product
conducted b4 ads are placed in any medium
portfolio tests
test copy alternatives
jury test
show ad copy to a panel of consumers and have them rate how they liked it, how much it drew their attention, and how attractive they thought it was
theater tests
watch tv show/movie
full-service agency
research, selects media, develops copy, and produces artwork; also coordinates integrated campaigns w/all marketing efforts
limited service agency
specializes in one aspect of creative process; usually provides creative production work; buys prev unpurchased media space
in house agency
range of services depending on company needs
det whether ad has accomplished its intended purpose
aided recall/recognition readership
after being shown an ad, asked whetehr prev exposure was through reading, viewing, or listening
noted, seen-assoc, and read most
consumer oriented sales promotions
sales tools used to support a company's ads and personal selling: coupons, deals, premiums, contests, sweepstakes, samples, loyalty programs, point of purchase displays, rebates, product placement
trade oriented sales promotions
sales tools used to support a company's advertising and personal selling directed to wholesalers, retailers, or distributors
allowances and discounts
merchandise allowance - reimburse retailer for extra in store support or special featuring
case allowance - buy 10 get 1 free
finance allowance - paying retailers for fin costs/losses assoc w/sales promos
cooperative ad
manufacturer pays % of retailer's local ad expense for ad the manufacturer's products
impose standards that: facilitate development of new promo methods, min, regualtory constraints and restrictions, and help consumers gain confidence in the comm efforts used to influence their purchases