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what does epme satnd for
enlisted personnel military education
what are the 5 parts of epme
manual,performance requirements, kowledge requirments, epme EOCT, EPME study guide
what is the USCG history based upon
ifve federal agencies, revenue cutter service, light house service, steam boat inspec service, burea of navigation, and life savving service
what year was uscg formed
what do the term rank rate rating mean
rank is for officers
rate is for enlisted
rating is occupational spaliaty
list the enlisted breakdown
senior e-7-e-9 petty officer e-4e-6 entyr level e-1-e3
mishap prevention+opreational risk managemnet=
accident reduction 88% unsafe practices, 10% unsafe conditions not reconoized; 98% mishap due to human error
when was it signed into law that teh uscg was an armed force
what are the cg 11 missions
maritime safety, sar, aton, ice ops, marine env prot, living amrine reource, illegal drug interd, migrant interd, le
two exclusive resevre rates
ps cgi
two catgories of reserv
ready reserve selre/irr
what is the cg current design of cg satndard
52x66 21/2 fringe staff battle axe
when was the cg emblem placed on the flag
cg ensign established when
1799 61 vertical stripes for number of union states 1910 emblem added 9151 coat of arms added, motto approved
how many battle streamers are tehre
34 in 1968 first was 1798 persian gulf war
commision pennenat
semper paratus
1922 sir capt von besrck cgc yamacraw sav ga
who does eso report to
cda reports to
what are the 5 cat for non-rate performance evals
military performance professional qualities leadership conduct
what does ets stand for
enviromental tobacco smoke
how many feet per cubic ft need to be ciculated
20 per minute co2 level should be 1000 parts per million
how many parts and what are they to the substance abuse program
3 reduce seprate rehabilitate
how long is the first responders course
when can alminated atgs be used
reg pms
how many color tags are there
3 red yellow orange danger caution out of calibration
when do all tag numbers start over
new fy
the right to know station
msds station
what are the 4 terrorist lvl threats
high significant moderate low
what are the 3 bomb threat conditions
I no location or time II exact location no time III exact loctaion and time
how many divisions comprise DHS
5boarder/transportation service;emergency prepardeness/response;science/technology;info analysis/infrastructure; mangemnt
who has been designated maritime firstays responder
when was teh first PO stablished
what yeear was MCPOG established
17aug69 BMCM Calhoun
general court martial
special court martial
summary court martial
04 or above
how long after punishment is imposed to appeal
5 d
makring officail
approving official
e-6 above marks with an x
xpo colors in circles
e-7 or above designated OIC ensures counseling
what can happen to mark if appealed
raised or left alone
how many days do have toa ppeal marks
it is recommended not to spend more than what of your income
what credit card rate sgould you stay below
what are PCS entitlements baased on
EDO effective date of orders
is dla taxable
when are reserves authorized one advance travel day?
ordered 140+ days of active duty
how many steps to e-rusme
what are the 5 levels of FPCON
normal alpha bravo charlie delta
how many districts in lant and pac
lant 5 pac 4
how many hq units
quasi war
cgc pickering 01 prizes
eagle recapture two american ships
war of 1812
cgc jefferson made first capture
eagle and surveyor captured by britts but britts praised crew of cgc
mexican american war
cg deliveredd rifles
civil war
cgc harriet lane fired first shots
spanish american war
cgc mucullch battle manilla bay ; hudson rescued winslow
tampa was torpedo 1918 cg lost more than any other service
ships sunk 11 subs aircraft 1 sub
korean war
help korean cg
shallow draft warships
desert shield storm
ledets on anvy ship 950 cg reserves called up
war on terorism
6 us navy cyclones laoned to cg
what light house keeper given medall of honr and gold life saving medal
marcus hanna
when was the first cg unit fromed
oct 1950 boston
how much coastline does the us ahve
95000 miles
where is the only light house manned
boaston ahrbour
who was the first women in cg
gneevi lucillle baker 1918
first 5 african american women 1945
hooker, byrd, mosely , cumbberbatch, cooke
1958 first mc
yncm jack kerwin
1959 journalist retired roots
alex p' haley
1962 1st spar e-9
peral faurie
1969 1st mcpog
=bmcm calhoun
1972 1st 4 womens res enl rate
yeomen, storkeeper, radiowomen, hs
1973 women open to enlist
active dutyocs combat exclusion ends 1st spar alice jefferson to enter
all officer rates open to women
owmen assigned isolated duty
1s t cpo academy 6mc 4 sc we came so others amy follow
bmcm horsely retires 44 years 4 months 27 day 3 wars
1988 first female oic ashore
krystine carbal
1990 desert strom how amny reserve women
1992 first hispanic female chief
sonia colon
jan 28 1915
revenue life service merge
hwo was marcus a hanna serving with when he recieved medal of honor
civil war union army
bravest women in america lime rock light house
ida lewis
cared fro 200 homeless eople
margaret norvell
4 years
permanent 25pg or more reviewedannual
via mesag, auto cancelled after 12 months