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what are the 3 cats of an FBR
1a-lowest;b-inhibits performance;urgent safety to personnel or potential/actual property damage
what lvl body armor are we required to use and who governs it
lvl IIIa;NIJ nationoal institute of justice
what size flashllight is authorized
2 d-cell 3 c-cell
what size oc spray
3oz 10-5% pepper
expandable baton
15-22" crome no burs
where do yo find the rainbow flags
what happens on presidents day
full dress 1200 21 gun salute, 5sec intv
what happens on independence day
full dress, 1200 21 gun salute, 5sec interval
what happens on memorial day
full dress, at 1200 21 gun salute , 1min interv, if no gun salute raise flag at 1220
how often are MLC inspections
2 years
what are MLC inspections used for
guard against abuse, fraud and waste
What is configuration managemnet plus(CMPLUS)
primary CG maintenace in inventory and allownace managemnet system
what was JWOD(jarvis-Wagner-Oday Act) created fro?
commission of NIB and NISH
what is the value of micro-purchase
why do small units have imprest fuunds
purpose of making small and emergency purchases
what are non appropriated funds used fro
typically used for morale and rec programs and by exchange
what is required when purchasing hazardous material
statement of essential need and MSDS
what other info needs to be noted on teh PR request
info on property managemnet
what are the 7 manadtory property items?
1.leased or borrowed 2.Prop including MWR purchased with OE funds2500 or more less than 2500 but identical item costing 2500 or more has been or is beeing reported3.silver service or ware4.historical significance art,models,ect5.foreign gifts6.sensitive items 500to2499 ie ausiovisual eqp,inert weapons7. marine env prot eqp 500+
what is the most important signature on a pr
certification of funds signatur; certification of funds availability
what are the source of supply
excess fromcg;drmo;unuicor;nish/JWOD/BIB;GSa/DLA/Wholesale supply;openmarket
what are the sources for service
JWOD/NIB/NIISH;mandatory federal schedule supply;optional use federal supply schedule;unicor;openmarket
what are the three spending caps
2500(3000)/>2500/construcion 2000
what is the preferred purchase <2500
when are c-checks issued
to P-card holders fm p-card bank not to exceed micro purchase
what are imprest funds used for
over the counter purchase not to exceed 500
what form is used for cg dining facility
cg2576 cg dining operating statement
when is the statemnet due to fincen
10th of following month
what is not authorized on cg-2576
erasing/white out
when are the 2576 used
relief, regular, change of command
how long are galley files retained
36 monoth
how many columns does a cash log have
when do you have to do a report of survey for food
los of >300
what is a dynamic laod test
125%/conducted at pier/so eqp can function undwya/ 10 min hold 3 cycles
what is the fore truck
on ships tallest mast
what is a gaff
small spar extend abff main mast
what is rated laod test
100% u/w for inspextion of wire rope fittings and repairs
what color are anchor bouys painted
red and green
ta what distance does the fix interval change to 30 seconds
what depths do never anchor in
100 fathoms or >
where should teh anchor be let go from
drop circle hausepipe to pelorous
what does a line across track denote when anchoring
drop point
distance to goto drop anchor for distance
100yds to 1000yds every 100 yds ; then 1500, 1750,2000
how far on track should you be for final approach
what is the cope of anchor chain
3-5 5-7 7-9 times the depth of water
what ar fix intervals outside 1000 yds
2 minut or<
what do do just prior to drop circle
stop back down so chaain does not damage hull
how much do you lower cahin before dropping
5-10ft from waterlilne
what is swing circle
scope plus lenght of ship
drag cirlce
scope plus huaswpipe to polaraous or radar mast
two methods for letting go anchor
stopper method break method
hwen do you remove the cats paw
stand-by positioin
how often do you take fix interval after anchoring
3 inutes for first 30 minutes
how are shift points completed for low visibility
1 fix interval apart
how long of a nav transit do you have to perform to complete the MOB listed in exp-4
what is the PMS completed in accord with
hwo is responsible for pms of small boats
parent unuit
whatis cmplus used for on ships
to tarck create id rpt problems with PMS
working load rated load test load are all the same t of f
what are the 3 lvls of insp
lvl 1 minimal most frequent
lvl 2 1+some disasembly overhaul
lvl 3 1+2+ comprehensive ovrhaul to include hydraulics
lvl 1 is conducted how often
how often is shore hoisting eqp tested
shipboard holisting eqp is tested how often
what goes on the label plate of hoist testing
weight tested, etst fascility, date
how often are wire ropes and slings tested
how often hsould wire rope associated with weight handling be un-shipped
how is wire rope measrued
diameter in circumference circled in 6 or mor places
replace wire rope when
6 broken wires in one rope lay lenght 3 wires broke in 1 strand lay or 1 wire broke in within 1 rope lay of end fitting or <1/3 of original diameter
do you ever swap end for end of wire rope
before installing you measure the new wire rope for what
establish a baseline for measruing for future
how do you maintain gearboxes
<5 gallons replace >5gallons sample
what is on a load plate
working laod/test date/date of certification
what is the UTP(unit training Plan)
establishes at least one month advance tarining
plan position indicator for radr use
are QTP's(quarterly training plans and weekly) required
not at shore units
hwo assigns TPO
what size personnel flags are used for <600ft vsl
size 7
when are personal flags flown at shore units
day and night size 6
gun salutes
president 21
secretary 19
cabinet lvl 19 departing only
foreign presidents 21
foreign prime minister 19 departing only
when shall salutes not be fired
sunset to sunrise before 08700 sundays
21 gun salute if official arrives on prior to 0800
after 0800
normal interval beteween gun salutes
5 sec
how many side boys dooes the president get
how many flags are in a set
65 allied 40in standard
what do you do when passing Washingtons tomb
half mast taps is sounded last note of atps raise flags and play national anthem
what do you do when passing arizona memorial
attention to all hands in ranks render ahnd salulte
if not in rank what do yoou do when passing memorial of arizona
how do you render honors when passing a ship or boat
600yds for ship 400 yds fro boat O stbd 00pt 00salute 000 carry on