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That’s alright mama before Elvis
Arthur Krudup
Atlantic records was in what city
New York
1st performed shake rattle and roll
Big Joe Turner
Dj on WDIA when BB King got started
Rufus Thomas
WDIA was first all black radio station in
WHO recorded Blue moon of Kentucky before Elvis
Bill Monroe
Recorded blues began in what year?
Otis Redding first recorded respect who took it
Aretha Franklin
Shake rattle and roll was a huge hit for who?
Big Joe Turner
Which group recorded "along came Jones" "Charlie brown" "yakkity yak"
The coasters
Who sang Drinkin wine spotie otie for Atlantic
Stick McGee
I got a woman made famous by whom?
Ray Charles
Besides Aretha name gospel singer crossed over to R and B had it with "Mama treat your daughter mean"
Ruth Brown
Important drummer with booker t and the M G’s
Al Jackson

(Donald Duck Dunn played bass, and Steve Cropper played guitar)
Name the four people in the million dollar quartet
Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis
Jim Stuart and estel Axton founded what record label?
Laverne baker recorded with what label playing "Jim Dandy"
Considered king of rock and soul
Solomon Burke
Last night” in 1961 was an early hit with satellite, who recorded it?
The Markees
This magic moment written by whom?
The Drifters
Number 1 hit with b side with Green unions
Booker T and the MG's
Songwriter and A and R man for chess label
Willie Dixon
Muddy waters is from where?
Mississippi Delta
Who played harmonica and also played for Muddy waters?
Little Walter
Who played in Howlin Wolfs band and taught SRV?
Hubert Sumlin
First female blues singer and also on guitar
Memphis Minnie
who sang "Got my mojo workin"
Muddy Waters
Motown’s first female star hits with my guy
mary wells
Lonnie Johnson’s main instrument
Biggest hit was I cant quit you baby and left handed guitar
otish rush
Other most important rock contributor other than chuck berry
Bo Diddley
Which chess artists first recorded "tin pan alley"
Sunnyland Slim
Another name for Motown house band
Funk Brothers
What group did Diana Ross sing with?
The Supremes
This recording star started as a secretary later had backup group called vandellas
Martha Reed
Pinetop Perkins played in whose band
Muddy Waters
Name the original members of the Funk Brothers?
Earl Van Dyke - piano
James Jamerson - bass
Benny Benjamin - drums
Robert White - Guitar
Who started mo town
Barry Gordy
Chester Burnett is really who?
Howlin Wolf
Whose first hit for chess was I cant be satisfied
Muddy Waters
Convinced Barry gordy to distributed label
Smokey Robinson
Who did choreography for temptations
Cholly Atkins
who sang “You Send Me”
Sam Cooke
Who sang "Chain Gang" and "Twistin the Night Away"
Sam Cooke
Who took writing very seriously and started his own record label
Sam Cooke
Played American Music Texas Style
Gatemouth Brown
Lieber and Stoller were important writers in 50s for what record label?
Decade blues emerged In America
Sun studio began in?
Recorded with Atlantic “money honey” 1st lead singer w/ the drifters
Clyde McFadder
Second lead singer of the drifters
Ben E. King
Founded Sun recording studio
Sam Phillips
Phillips sold Elvis to RCA for 35K in what year?
Name of the DJ that broke Elvis’ “That’s Alright Mama”
Dewey Phillips
Percy Sledge “When a man loves a woman” represented what record label?
Fame Records
1961 hit for Atlantic “stand by me” was preformed by?
Ben E. King
Wexler changed to _____ records?
Race Records
1st record company to record 8 track
Who created 8 track?
Les Paul
"Cause I love You"- 1st hit for stax- sang by whom?
Carla and Rufus Thomas
Sax player King Curtis sang what hit?
Yakkity Yak (maybe wrong ordering of ?)
Young sound engineer who shocked ertegun and Atlantic with abilities?
Tom Dowd
“Try a little tenderness” at Monterrey pop festival sang by whom?
Otis Redding
Who wrote blue suede shoes?
Carl Perkins
Big Joe Turner was primarily a _______?
Who had a record with Gee Wiz
Carla Thomas
This bands 1st lead singer was Clyde Mcfadder
The Drifters
What instrument did Carl Perkins play?
Sunnyland slim brought muddy waters to Chicago, what did Sunnland play?
The Rolling Stones got their name from what?
Muddy Waters song Rolling Stone
Hoochie coochie man signature song of whom?
Muddy Waters
Chester burnette real name is what?
Howlin' Wolf
Most important female to come out of sun records
Etta James
Who was Benny Benjamin?
He played drums for the funk brothers
What is James cotton’s instrument
Who sang Johnny be good and maybelinne
Chuck Berry
18 yr old barret strong recorded what hit song?
"money its what i want"
Most successful song writing team in Motown era
Holland Dozier Holland
Hitsville USA was the slogan for?
Janis Joplin’s version of Tell mama was a cover of who?
Etta James
Stevie wonder recorded with who?
Bluesman that played the 9 string guitar
Big Joe Williams
Name all the funk brothers
Benny Benjamin - drums
James Jamerson - bass
Earl Van Dyke - piano
Robert White - Guitar
"Boogie Chillin" was recorded by who?
John Lee Hooker
Whose real name was McKinley Morganfield?
Muddy Waters
Etta James recorded some of her late hits not at Chess but at where?
Muscle Shoals or Fame Records
Jackson 5 recorded for whom?
Who’s most responsible for the Motown sound
The Funk Brothers
Name all five of Elvis' singles from Sun Records
Thats All Right Mama
Good Rockin Tonight
Milk Cow Blues
Baby Lets Play House
Mystery Train
Where was Earl King from, and what did he play?
New Orleans, guitar
Who wrote "No City Like New Orleans"
Earl King