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Name the four main New Orleans Guitar players.
Guitar Slim, Earl King, Buddy Guy, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

New Orleans had mostly piano and horn players
Who did Guitar Slim record with and what were his hits?
Atantic Records

"The things that I used to do"
This man was close to Guitar Slim and played "No City Like New Orleans"
Earl King
Name the famous clubs in New Orleans
The Lions Den, The Dew Drop In, and Tipitinas
Who founded J&M records?
Matassa Cosimo
Arranger who discovered Lloyd Price and who was also a trumpet player
Dave Bartholomew
This man was a composer, arranger, and keyboard player
Allen Toussaint
Sang "Laughty Ms. Claudie" and had fats domino on piano

"Personaliy" was biggest hit
Lloyd Price
In compound meter the beat is divided up into __ parts.
Considered the founder of New Orleans piano playing.
Tuts Washington
Known was the Bach of Rock & Roll, and had hits with "Big Chief" and "Tipitina" recorded with Atlantic
Professor Longhair
Had a group with the Clowns, and a hit called "Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu"
Huey "Piano" Smith
First great white player who was a child prodigy growing up in a black neighborhood, played "Iko Iko"
Dr John (Mac Rabinak)
Who discoverd Little Richard?
Lloyd Price
Name 3 of Little Richards hits
"Tutti Frutti", "Ready Teddy", and "Lucille"
What was Fats Domino's first hit, and name the players in his band?
"The Fat Man"
Bartholomew on trumpet
Earl Palmer on drums
Lee Allen on sax
"I hear you knocking" and "Blue Monday" were written by whom?
Smiley Lewis but sang by Fats Domino
Name a couple of hits by Fats Domino and who did he record for?
"Aint that a shame", "Blueberry Hill", "Walking to New Orleans"

Recorded for Imperial Records
Who was the singer/songwriter who was born in New Orleans, but moved to California at age 10. Later met Lloyd Price
Larry Williams
Name some Larry Williams hits
"Boney Maronie"
"Short Fat Fannie"
"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"
"Bad Boy"
First hit for the Mint Label was "Ooh Poo Pah Doo"
Jesse Hill
Who was the pioneer of funk?
James Brown
Influenced Booker T. and the MG's along with the Meters from New Orleans
James Brown
Had hits with "Just Kissed My Baby" and "Hookey Pookey a Way". Example of layering music
The Meters
Explain New Orleans during this time.
many parades, saturday night fish fry, jazz funerals, mardi gras indians, "second line" jazz band made up of family and friends
biggest hit was "mother in law" recorded with Mint Records.
Ernie K. Doe (other hit was "A certain girl")
Who sang in the low voice in Ernie Doe's #1 song "mother in law"
Benny Spellman
Wrote "Land of 1000 Danes" also first hit was "I like it like that"
Chris Kenner (more of a songwriter)
Who was childhood friends with Fats Domino and had a hit with "Ya Ya" and others like "Ride your Pony" and "Workin in Coal Mine"
Lee Dorsey
Sang "Lipstick Traces (on a cigarette)
Benny Spellman (deep voice)
This man sang "Aint got no home", "I Dont Wanna Know Why I love you", and You always hurt the one you love" also he opened for the Beatles
Clarence "Frogman" Henry
The soul queen of New Orleans, second only to Aretha
Irma Thomas
Sang "Time is on my side", "It's Raining", and "Ruler of my heart"
Irma Thomas
Named the King of Zydeco
Clifton Chenier
Zydeco is cross polinization between of __ and __ music.
LA and Texas, charecterized by rub board and the accordian
He was the first person Antone booked in his club, had a hit with "I'm Coming Home"
Clifton Chenier
Solo Career and hit with "Tell her like it Is"
Aaron Neville
What was the name of James Brown's backup singers and group
The Famous Flames
The "Godfather of Soul" and pioneer in Funk Music
James Brown
Name some James Brown hits:
"Say it loud, Im black and im proud"
"Papas Got a brand new bag"
"Cold Sweat"
Famous Albums: Outta Sight, and live at the apollo
Had a hit with "You Send Me"
Sam Cooke
Born in Indianola Mississippi
BB King
What does the "BB" in BB King stand for
Blues Boy
Where did BB King go after moving to Memphis and who discovered him.
He went to WDIA and was discovered by Ike Turner
His first hit was "3 oclock blues" recorded at _____ records.
BB King recorded at Sun Records
In 1954 he toured and did 342 one night stands. His biggest hit was "The Thrill is Gone"
BB King
Who was BB King's long time drummer?
Sunny Friedman
Name other BB King hits
"How Blue can you get"
"Sweet Sixteen"
"Darling You Know I love You"
This man was born in Vinton, LA but grew up in Orange, Texas
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
This man picked up T Bone Walkers guitar and began to play in Houston
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown was the leader of what group?
The Beat Boys
Plays American music, Texas Style and played both the guitar and the fiddle. Hits with "okey dokey stomp" and "guitar in my hand"
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
Performed alot at Armadillo World Headquarters and played "Hideaway" along with "Im Tore Down"
Born in Gilmer TX
Freddie King
This man has a very distinct Texas guitar style, and hung out with T Bone Walker in California. Had a hit with "blues after hours" and the "texas hop"
Pee Wee Crayton (played antones right before he died)
Started as a piano player but then swithced to guitar. Had a hit with "Gangster of Love" along with "Three Hours past midnight"
Johnny Guitar Watson
This man was a sideman for Little Richard
Johnny Guitar Watson
This man was very influential in the Dallas area, and had hit with "Why dont you eat where you slept last night"
Zuzu Bollin
Antone put together a recording session with Doyle Bramhall, David “Fathead” Newman (sax), Doug Brom (Texas Tornadoes) along with this man
Zuzu Bollin
Known as the Master of the Telecaster, The Iceman, and Frosty
Albert Collins
Had an album called Ice Pickin, and had a song dedicated to him by SRV called "Collins Shuffle"
Albert Collins
This man started as a sideman for Sunny Boy Williamson and Big Momma Thornton. Benefited from SRV's success with hits like "Down on Bending Knees" and "Look at Little Sister"
Johnny Copeland
According to Clifford Antone, who were the most influential guitarists?
Wayne Bennett and Eddie Taylor
Played with Bobby Blue Bland, had hits with "Stormy Monday Blues" and "I pity the fool"
Wayne Bennett
Born in Port Arthur had hits with "Ball and Chain" (Monterey Pop Festival) and "Me and Bobby Mcgee"
Played with Waller Creek Boys at Thredgills
Janis Joplin
Who wrote "Me and Bobby Mcgee"
Kris Kristoferson