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Is albumin in higher concentration in the plasma, lymph or interstitial fluid?
How much of a role does albumin play in the colloid osmotic pressure of plasma?
albumin accounts for the majority of the colloid pressure of the plasma
What does colloid osmotic pressure depend on and what about albumin makes it have such a great effect?
colloid osmotic pressure depends on the hydrophilicity of a protien and albumin is one othe the most hydrophilid protiens studied
What is an abnormal level for albumin?
below 2 g/dl
What does albumin bind?
a great variety of drugs and small molecules, very versatile, has sites for bilirubin, heme, cotisol...
how do albumin levels affect drug levels?
free serum albumin will reversibly bind to some drugs

if plasma albumin levels are low than there will be more unbound drug than anticipated which could be toxic
What blood protien is involved in transporting retinol from the liver to other tissues and in transporting thyroid hormones?
Transthyretin, aka prealbumin
What protien is more sensitive to nutritional levels than albumin?
How does transthyretin transport retinol?
transthyretin is in the blood and it can bind to retinol binding protein which is bound to retinol when the liver releases it
What protien transports thyroid hormone and binds thyroxine 100 times stronger than transthyretin?
thyroxine binding protein
what protien binds to glucocorticoids?
What escapes from ruptured erythrocytes as an alpha-beta dimer?
What binds to alpha beta dimer hemoglobulin in order to prevent renal excretion and loss of iron?
Ig found in tonsils and peyer's patches
most abundant Ig
Ig that can pass through placenta
Bence Jones Proteins
tumor cells that have lost a lamda or gamma chain and are excreted in the urine
Ig with the shortest half life
Ig that is dimer
Ig that fixes complement
main antigen in secondary response to antigen
has membrane bound secretory component that triggers transport across mucosa
mediates allergic reaction