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What are the 3 interrelated components of the cardiovascular system?
blood-hear-blood vessels
True or false:
Blood is not a connective tissue.
Blood is a connective tissue
True or false:
Blood is the fluid that bathes body cells
Interstitial fluid is the fluid that bathes body cells
what is transported by blood from the lungs?
a. nutrients
b. oxygen
c. carbon dioxide
d. interstitial fluid
B. Oxygen
How are nurients and oxygen moved from blood to cell bodies?
a. diffusion
b. osmosis
c. venipuncture
d. absorbtion
A. diffusion
Where are waste products transported to after entering the blood?
a. skin
b. lungs
c. kidneys
d. all of the above
D. all of the above
What are the 3 genral functions of blood?
Besides waste products, what else does blood help eliminate from the body?
How does blood help adjust body temperature?
Through the heat absorbing and coolant properties of the water found in blood plasma
What is especially infuenced by blood osmotic pressure?
a. the temperature of or body
b. the number of nurtients passing through cells
c. the water content of cells
d. the phagocytic activity of macrophages
C. the water content in cells
What is normal blood pH?
What is the temperature of blood in the human body?
a. 98.7F
b. 97.8F
c. 101.5F
d. 100.4F
d. 100.4F
How much blood does a human have in their body on a daily basis?
a. 24 pints
b. 6 gallons
c. 5 liters
d. 1,252,000cc
C. 5 liters
What are the 2 components of blood?
blood plasma
formed elements
what is the ratio percentage of blood plasma to formed elements?
a. 99%/1%
b. 40%/60%
c. 55%/45%
d. 45%/55%
C. 55%/45%