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What are the general functions of the circulatory system?
Transportation- oxygen, CO2, hormones, antibodies, nutrients, waste, clotting factors, enzymes, electrolytes ect

Regulation-PH, body temp, water balance

Specialties- immunity-protection, homostasis-clotting
Blood is classified as what?
Blood is classified as a connective tissue
Blood is a mixture of what?
Blood is a homogenous mixture of cells, noncells and liquid.
Plasma, RBC, buffy coat-platelets,WBC
What is one of differences of artery and venous blood?
Gas content
What will happen to blood if it is not kept in continuous motion?
Blood will separate if not kept in continuous motion
What are the formed elements in blood and what percentage are they to whole blood?
The formed elements make up 45% of whole blood and consist of Red blood corpuscles, white blood cells, and platelets
Define polycythemia?
Too many RBC in blood
How do you calculate the amount of blood a person has?
Figure out weight in Kg lbs/2.2 kg multiply times 80 ml
Define cyanosis?
A bluish coloration of the skin and mucous membrane due to lack of oxygenation of the blood
What is the viscosity of the blood is it greater or less than water?
Blood's viscosity is 1.060 which is heavier than water.
What is the PH of blood and the temperature?
Blood is slightly alkaline averaging 7.4 about 38 C
What percentage of plasma is water?
91 % of plasma is water
prefix Pro- and suffix -ogen mean what?
To make, creation, pre
Primary function of a RBC is?
Primary functionof a RBC is to carry oxygen by way of homoglobin in the form of oxyhemoglobin. Hb can also carry CO2 as carbamino-Hb and CO as carboxy-Hb
Describe a RBC?
A RBC has no nucleus, it is biconcave disc shaped - allows for flexibility, there are 280 million Hb per RBC, lifespan 80-120days, they are destroyed by macrophage, reproduction- red marrow,mortatily rate = to natality rate, 7 microns in size
What is a normal RBC count?
4.2 - 6.2 million cubic mm or mm3