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The circulatory system consist of what 2 systems?
1 - Lymphatic System

2 - Blood Vascular
The largest collection of lymph is collected where?
The Spleen
What does the Cardiovascular system (blood vascular system) consist of?
The heart & two circulatory systems
What are the 2 circulatory systems of the blood vascular system?
1 - Pulmonary Circulation

2 - Systemic Circulation
The heart is the central organ of the blood vascular system, & is located where?
In the mediastinim
What are the 3 layers of the heart?
1 - Endocardiom

2 - Myocardium

3 - Epicardium
What is the inner most layer of the heart which form the valves?
Which side of the myocardium layer of the heart is the largest, & by how much?
The left, by 3X
What is the outermost layer of the heart?
What is the membrane which surrounds & protects the heart, & what 2 parts does it consist of?

1 - Fibrous

2 - Serous
How does the septa or septum divide the heart?
Into right & left

1 - Interatrial

2 - Interventricle
What are the 4 chambers of the heart?
1 - Right Ventricle

2 - Left Atrium

3 - Left Ventricle

4 - Right Atrium
The right ventricle, which receives blood from the right atrium,, pumps into the lungs via what?
The pulmonary arteries
What are the only veins to carry rich oxygenated blood?
Pulmonary veins
Which chamber of the heart is the strongest of all four?
The left ventricle
What are the 4 valves of the heart?
1 - Right Atrioventricular

2 - Left Atrioventricular
(bicuspid) (mitral)

3 - Pulmonary semilunar

4 - Aortic Semilunar
The tricuspid valve allows for what?
Blood to flow from the right antrium into the right ventricle
The bicuspid valve allows for what?
Blood to flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle
Where is the pulmonic (pulmonary semilunar valve) located, and what does it prevent?
Between the right ventricle & the pulmonary artery

Prevents blood from re-entering the right ventricle
Where is the Aortic semilunar valve located, & what does it prevent?
Between the left ventricle & the aorta

Prevents blood from re-entering the left ventricle
What is the active (pumping)phase of the heart?
What is the relaxing phase of the heart which receives blood?
What 4 components does blood consist of?
1 - Erythrocytes
2 - Leukocytes
3 - Plasma
4 - Platelets
What is Erythrocytes, & what is its main function?
Red blood cells

Transport Hemoglobin
Where are erythrocytes produced?
Bone marrow
What are leukocytes, & what are their functions?
White Blood Cells WBC's

Fight infection, transport waste, initiate formation of scar tissue & clotting of blood
Where are leukocytes produced?
Bone marrow & lymph nodes
What is plasma?
The fluid portion of the blood - 90% water
What are platelets concerned with?
Blood clotting
What do blood vessels consist of?
Arteries, veins, & capillaries
What is the function of the arteries?
Carry blood from the heart to the capillaries in organs & tissues
What is the function of veins?
Drain capillaries in the tissue & organs & return blood to the heart
What is the function of the capillaries?
Connect arteries & veins
What is the function of the pulmonary artery?
Carry blood away from the heart to the lungs
What is the function of the pulmonary vein?
Carry blood from the lungs to the heart
What is the function of the systemic system?
Supplies food & oxygen to the rest of the body

Carries away waste material from body tissue for disposal