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What parts does the male reproductive system concist of?
1 - Testes\
2 - Duct of Deferens (Vas Def)
3 - Prostate
4 - Ejaculatory Ducts
5 - Seminal Vesicles
6 - Bulbourethral
7 - Cowper's Glands
8 - Scrotum
9 - Penis
What component is considered the male gonads?
Where does the epididymis attact to?
superior & lateral testes

Inferiorly with Vas Deferens
How long is the Ductus (Vas) Deferens?
40-45 cm long
The ductus (vas) deferens extends from where to where?
Epididymis to urinary bladder
The seminal vesicle is a sacculated structure which is how long?
2 Inches
The seminal vesicle unites with what to form the ejaculatory duct?
Vas Deferens
How long is the ejaculatory duct is how long?
1/2 Inch
The prostate is a cone shaped accessory genital organ that encircles the male urethra, composed of what 2 tissues?
Muscular & glandular
The male urethra is part of what 2 systems?
Reproductive & Urinary
Where does the male urethra extend from?
The inferior bladder to the opening of the penis
The male urethra is extended into what 3 anatomical regions?
1 - Prostate Urethra

2 - Membraneous Urethra

3 - Spongy (Penile) Urethra
The prostate urethra is ___.
Which region of the urethra is most vulnerable to puncture during catheterization?
Membraneous Urethra (shortest)
What is the most distal region urethra which passes through the penis?
What are the 2 procedures for the male reproductive system which are done in surgery?

What study is contrast media injected into an exposed ductus deferens, & films are taken at the discretion of the surgeon?
What are the internal structures of the femal reproductive anatomy?
1 - Ovaries
2 - Uterine Tubes
3 - Uterus
4 - Virgina
What portion of the femal anatomy is considered the gonadal?
What is the function of the internal secretions of the ovaries?
Control menstrual cycle
The external secretion of the ovaries contain ova, & secrete what hormones?
Endocrine -

Estrogen & Progesterone
What are the functions of progesterone?
1 - Prepares Endometrium
2 - Supplements Estrogen
3 - Stimulates Aveoli (mammary
4 - Prevents contraction of
the myometrium
Where does fertilization of the cell occur?
The outer part of the uterine (fallopian) tubes
Where does the fertilized ovum migrate for implantation?
The Uterus
The fallopian tubes are divided into what 3 parts?
1 - Isthmus
2 - Ampulla
3 - Infundibulum
The uterus is muscular, & how is it shaped?
The uterus consist of what 4 parts?
1 - Fundus
2 - Body
3 - Isthmus
4 - Cervix
What is the main function of the uterus?
Maintain fetus until release
How is the fundus separated?
by an imaginary line, joining the entrance points of the uterine tubes
What are the entrance points of the uterine tubes referred to as?
Lateral Angles or Cornua
Describe the body of the uterus?
- Main portion

- Provides protection, support, & nourishment for the developing embryo
What is the superior paortion of the cervix?
The isthmus
How long is the isthmus of the cervix?
1/2 inch long
What is the cylindrical vaginal end of the uterus that is about 1" long?
The cervix
What are the 3 tissue layers of the uterus?
1 - Endometrium
2 - Myometrium
3 - Perimetrium
Which tissue layer of the uterus undegoes menstration?
Which tissue layer of the uterus produces contractions during labor?
Where is the virgina located?
Posterior to the blader & urethra and anterior to the rectum
What is a hysterosalpingography?
An examination of the female reproductive system
How do you prep for a hysterosalpingography?
- 10 days after onset of

- Patient void prior to exam

- An opaque or gaseous

contrast medium injected

- 4 x-rays (AP) taken 2" above
pubis symphysis of uterus &
fallopian tubes