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led by alexander hamilton
war of 1812
1st war naval efforts by the colonies, British eventually blockade us, we tried unsuccessfullt o invade canada and expand territory
Sylvanus thayer
superintentent of west point
Cadre system
idea of John C. Calhoun, dont reduce # of units just the # of people per unit, expandible army
James K Polk
president, wanted to talk to mexico and acquire everything west of Texas
Zachary Taylor
Rio Grande, misbehaved militia
Stephen Kearny
army of the west, polk's 3rd plad, marched to los angeles conquering territory along the way
Winfield scott
Union army, takes Zachary taylor's troops, anaconda plan
treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
ends the mexican american war, Mexico recognized the rio grande as a boundary
Crimean war
**technology** mine bullet, steam vessels used for the first time, railroad, telegraph
claude minie
minie bullet, rifle technology helps with aim and accuracy
Fort Sumter
Anderson v. beauregard, federal fort in the south, south want to attack, small harbor, 4 april 1861 first shots of the civil war
jefferson davis
president of the confederate states of america
pierre beauregard
french creole from louisiana, went to batte with former mentor Anderson, davis ordered him to take the fort before new supplies arrived for the north
northern advntages of the civil war
popultion, industry, transportation, offensive war
southern advantages of the civil war
slaves (both good and bad) fighting a defensive war, jefferson davis stronger military leader than lincoln, tremendous coastline, many career officers
Primary cause of the civil war
election of 1860
winfield scott
commander of the us army, anaconda plan, large army move south with an airtight blockade squeeze the south to death
manassas junction
first battle of bull run,
George mcclellan
took over for mcdowell, army of the potomac, superior organizational, logistical training skills.
Battle of Shiloh
little church, Johnston surprise ttack on Grant, grant got reinforcements and pushed confeds back
Battle of the wilderness, lee's greatest victory, leads him to move north
major turning point of the civil war, hooker v lee
Grants victory in mississippi, last confed force in mississippi, cut them in half
appomattox courthouse
Grant caught lee here, lee trying to link up with johnston, symbolic end of the war
March to sea
shermans march from atlanta to savannag, marching around declaring union wins! terror of union burning homes and tking supplies