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Name the 5 objectives of the information program.
reinforce info covered in BEPO, expand on previously covered info, include new and updated info, highlight problem areas, serve as conduit from base commander to base populace for readiness issues
What are the two main responsibilities Readiness has regarding the information program?
Furnish materials to commanders to train their units, tailor the program to the installation's needs.
What are the 8 categories of suggested subject areas?
likely: seasonal hazards and protective actions, types of attack, major accidents, natural disasters, command and control, passive defense, base recovery after attack, sustainability, common task skills
From whom should you solicit support or information?
other funtional experts-OSI, SF, MDG
What are some dissemination methods available?
newspaper, radio, television, flyers, handouts, commander's call, billboard, phone books
What are the two unit-level responsibilities within the program?
Esnure widest distribution of materials provided, identify possible subject areas.
What is the USAF documentation requirement?
No documentation requirement. Readiness should maintain a file of disseminated info and units may wish to document when material was briefed.
What is the purpose of the dependent brochure?
Provide essential emergency response info to dependents and visiting personnel.
this brochure is not required, but if produced it usually goes to units and billeting-what is it called?
the dependent brochure
List the steps in developing a dependent brochure.
ID requirements, determine installation needs, research topics, draft and edit, revise and coordinate, produce final version