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What nucleus controls the muscles involved in vomiting?
Nucleus Ambiguus
Generally, what types of drugs are effective against motion sickness?
(specifically, what receptor action?)
Anti-muscarinics and anti-histamines
Drugs that are effective against motions sickness also work against what?
N&V due to vertigo
What are drugs that work against motion sickness NOT effective against?
Drug-induced N&V
Drug that works BOTH against motion sickness AND drug-induced N&V?
What are the main side effects of anti-emetics?

SEs of anti-cholinergic blockade:
Dry mouth, blurry vision, incontinence, etc.
What receptor action do the following drugs have?

Dimenhydrinate, Hydroxyzine, Meclizine (all the same)
MIXED anti-histamine/anti-muscarinic
What does scopolamine treat, N&V due to what?
N&V due to motion sickness
Anti-emetics often have to be given in advance

How long for pills?
How long for transdermal scopolamine patch?
1 hour in advance for pills

4 hours in advance for transdermal patch
What receptor action does scopolamine have?
What receptor action does Ondansetron have?
First line DOC against N&V due to opiates or chemotherapeutic agents?
What is the best tolerated anti-emetic?
Ondansetron is one of the most efficacious anti-emetics

What is it NOT effective against?
N&V due to motion sickness
What receptor action does metoclopramide have?

What unique effect does it have?
5-HT3 and D2 antagonism
5-HT4 agonism

5-HT4 agonist properties are PRO-KINETIC
What is metoclopramide best used against?
N&V due to GI irritation
What can be used to treat the prokinetic side effect of metoclopramide?
What is domperidone?

How is it different than the drug it is similar to?
Metoclopramide "wannabe"

Does NOT cross the BBB (may be safer)
How is chlorpromazine used as an anti-emetic?

What is its main use as a drug?
3rd line agent against N&V due to chemo or opiates
Also used against N&V due to GI irritation, post-op, drugs

Anti-psychotic (DA receptor blocker)
How is dexamethasone used in treatment of N&V?
Mainly used as an adjunctive treatment to enhance other drugs

Ondansetron + Dexamethasone combo
(Treatment of choice for post-chemo & drug-induced N&V)
How is lorazepam used in treatment of N&V?

What type of drug is it?
Adjunctive medicine in chemo-induced N&V

What type of drug is Dronabinol?

What beneficial side effect can it have in AIDS patients?

Stimulates the appetite
What is promethazine mainly used for?

What sets it apart from anti-emetics?
N&V due to GI irritation

It can be used against N&V due to BOTH motion sickness and drugs
What are the 4 main drugs you would use against N&V due to GI irritation?
Phenothiazines (anti-psychotics)
What is the main drug you would use against N&V due to motion sickness?

NOTE: could also use dimenhydrinate, hydroxyzine, meclizine
What is the best treatment for N&V due to chemotherapy?
Ondansetron + dexamethasone
What is the best treatment of N&V due to migraines?
Why are anti-emetics not used during pregnancy?
Fear of teratogenic effects