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NON-viral methods of gene delivery include
Cationic liposomes
Receptor-mediated polylysine-DNA complexes
Viral vectors in use include
Advantages of retrovirus vector
Stable integration of genetic material
LOW immunogenicity
Disdvantages of retrovirus vector
ONLY infect DIVIDING cells
Potential for "insertional mutagenesis"
Vector of choice for gene therapy of SCID
Retroviral insertional mutagenesis that activates LMO2 causes
Advantages of adenovirus vector
Capable of infecting dividing AND resting cells
Can be modified to infect only certain types of cells
Conveniently grown to high amounts
Modification of what protein allows specific targeting of adenovirus vector?
Fiber protein
Disadvantages of adenovirus vector
Genetic material does NOT integrate into host genome
Can trigger a significant immune response
Deletion of what gene renders adenovirus unable to replicate?
Removal of what gene allows insertion of more foreign DNA into adenovirus?
What genes are deleted in NON-replicating adenovirus therapy?
E1A and E1B
What does Fiber protein normally bind to?
Coxsackievirus/Adenovirus Receptor (CAR)

NOTE: Remember, Fiber protein is modified to target adenovirus therapy
What is Suicide gene therapy?
When adenovirus expressing herpesvirus TK is injected in a tumor
Pt. is then treated with Gancyclovir systemically

Tumor cells expressing the TK gene are killed
Lysis of tumor due to replication/spread of virus only throughout tumor

E1B gene is deleted

Cancer cells, (p53-) support viral spread
Normal cells, (p53+) do not allow viral spread