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Daclizumab (Zenapax) and Basiliximab (Simulect)
Chimeric (man/mouse) monoclonal Ab
MA of Daclizumab and Basiliximab
Direct against alpha chain (CD25) of IL-2 receptor, (-) T-cell activation
Use of Zenapax and Siumlect
After kidney or cardiac transplant
Muromonab and MA
mouse mono Ab, directed @ T cell CD3, blocks engagement of T cell receptor
Use of Muromonab
Reversal of rejection of heart, liver, or kidney
Infliximab (Remicade)and MA
Human-mouse Ab aganist TNF alpha
Use Infliximab
Crohn's and RA
*increased risk of inf. esp. TB
Etanercept (Enbrel)
Chimera of p-75 TNF receptor type II and Fc IgG
MA of Etanercept and use
"Soaks up" free TNF
RA, Ankylosing spondylitis (good news steph!) and plaque psoriasis
Natualizumab and use
Ab against alpha4 integrin, (-) lymphocyte migration
Use of Natualizumab
Treatment of Crohn's and MS
Ab against CD11a (on lymphocyte fxn assoc. antigent-1--LFA-1) Blocks T cell activation
Use of Efalizumab
(hint: you can use Etanercept too)
Plaque psoriasis
Chimera of LFA-3 and IgG1 binds CD2--blocks T cell activation and CD16 to induce apoptosis
Use of Alefacept
(hint: you can use Etanercept or Efalizumab)
Plaque Psoriasis
Purine analog disrupts de novo syn
MA of Azanthioprine
Metabolized to 6-mercaptopurine, incorporated in DNA, (-) transcription
Use of Azanthioprine and side effects
Leukopenia and GI distress
Poly-L-alanine, poly-L-glutamate, poly-L-lysine, and poly-L-tyrosin
How does Glatiramer work?
Similar to Myelin Basic Protein--use in MS
Lympohocyte immune globulin (ALG) Stucture
IgG from hyperimmune horse serum after immunization with human thymic lymphocytes
ALG Function
Selectively inhibits peripheral T cell fxn
Aplastic anemia, prevent kidney rejection
ALG side effects
fever, chills, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and skin rashes
Rabbit antithymocyte globulin Stucture
Antithymocyte IgG/IgM from rabbits immunized w/human thymocytes
Deplete circulating T cells by complement and cell-mediated cytotoxicity
Cytokine Antagonist
Anakinra--nonglycosylated analog of IL-1 receptor antagonist
Use and Side effects of Anakinra
Serious bactierial infection
IFN-alpha approved for: Type 2a
Hep C
Hairy Cell leukemia
IFN-alpha approved for: Type 2b
Hep B
Hep C
IFN-alpha approved for: Type n1, alfacon-1
Hepatitis C
IFN alpha approved for: Type n3
Chondyloma acuminata
IFN-beta 1a and 1b approved for:
IFN-gamma approved for:
Chronic granulomatous dz
Congenital osteopetrosis
Simiulator of cytokine and IFN-a synthesis
Use of Imiquimod
Genital warts
Actinic keratosis
Colony stimulating factors
Simu8late hematopoeisis
Epoetin Alpha
Erythropoeitin analogues, (+) formation of RBCs in anemic patients
Darbepoeitn alfa
Epoetin but with a longer half life
G-CSF (Filgrastim)
(+)Neutrophil proliferation, maturation and migration
(+) Granulocyte proliferation and maturation
(-) Neutrophil migration
rIL-11 (Oprelvekin)
(+) proliferation and maturation of megakaryocytes and formation of platelets
How old was Mozart rumored to be when he composed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?