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this is one of the most significant components of air combat planning
targeting cycle
____ ____ is designed to determin the most _____ & _____ means of employing military forces to achieve desired objects.
targeting cycle, effective, efficient
this emphasizes swift, systematic disablement of the enemy's capability and will to wage war thru lethal & non-lethal means.
Air Force philosophy
this can be a geo area, instal, fac, piece of equip, or activity planned for capture, degradation, or destruction by military forces.
___ a process of selecting targets and matching an appropriate military response to disable or destroy them
what is a continuous, six phase process?
targeting cycle
what are the 6 phases of the targeting cycle?
objectives & guidance, target development, weaponeering, force application, execution planning, combat assessment
to whom does the primary responsibility for targeting rests with and at what level?
JTF Cmdr, theater/operational level
what are the four products the targeting cycle should provide?
weapon system req, damage assessment criteria for determining success or failure, target material req, validated & prioritized target list
what is the most important phase of the targeting cycle and why?
Obj & guidance, it defines the dir the other phases will take
what are goals used to meet national interests?
what comprises the rules & policies that govern how objectives are pursued?
Objectives must be ____ & ___ and well defined ones must be what 3 things?
clear & concise, observable, measurable, attainable
what are two denial characteristics?
degree, duration
what are 3 levels of objectives?
national (broad concepts),
command (sht term well defined)
who is responsible for establishing national objectives?
NCA (national command authority)
who is responsible for applying national objectives in the development of theater level objectives?
Component cmdr
commanders use theater objectives to develop what two plans?
what lays the framework for the employment of forces?
what are 2 forms of guidance?
universal, self-imposed
which guidance consists of both unwritten and written rules or war?
universal guidance consists of what 2 rules of war?
Principles of war,
what is the section of written international law that regulates the conduct of armed hostilities?
self-imposed guidance consists of what 2 things?
ROE, cmd guidance
hatare guideline that we impose upon ourselves?
what includes the systematic id & analysis of target systems & the component instal, sites, and entities that comprise those systems?
target development
what is oriented toward a goal, objective, or purpose, achieved thru its components?
target system
after target analysis, its been determined what components comprise the target system, t.d. requires an analysis of the system for 3 things
Military importance
attack priority
critical nodes
after analyzing a target system, what must be performed?
a physical & functional analysis of the target elements
what are 4 physical characteristcs of target analyses
target loc
target area dimension
element id
element loc, layout & dimens
along with physical analysis, what must also be conducted
functional analysis of target sys components
functional analysis of a target serves what 3 things?
Determin targets fxnl charac.
Id fxn of ea targ element &
its relate to other elem
Provide a breakdwn of ea t.e.
comprising the target sys
when performing fxnl analysis, analysts should pay attention to what terM?
critical elements
what is defined as a component of an installation that, if destroyed or made inop, prohibits the instal fr fxning?
critical element
using material in targ folders, targeteer creates a _____ ____ _____
prioritized target list
a prioritized targ list is forwarded to who for what?
cmd or designated rep for validation
if validated, attacking the target becomes a ___ ___
viable option
what is the validated list called?
target nomination list
what phase does the best method of destroying, disrupting, or delaying a target & its fxns determind?
what is determining the expected results of lethal & non lethal weapons against a specific target?
weaponeering helps determine the ____ & ___ of platform/weapon to be used as well as their ______ ______, all of which are req to achieve a specified level of damage to a target?
qty, type, deliver parameters
What are 2 groups that influence weaponeering process?
resource & weapon factors
other factors
where are the info dealing with resources and weapons factors found at?
the bible- Joint munitions effectiveness manuals
what is jmems?
joint munitions effectiveness manuals
what are a series of documents that cover just about everything you need to knw about weaponeering?
_____ _____ should be stated in the mission objective
damage criteria
standardized damage criteria are used for what?
to measure mission objectives
____ _____ is when planning to use chemical, conventional, or nuclear weapons, the weaponeer must id the target
aimpoint selection
what is the optimum loc to destroy the critical elements of the target?
what does dpi/dmpi stand for?
desired point of impact/ desired mean point of impact
the outcome of weaponeering is a list of what 4 things?
Fuzing for each target
optimal weapon systems
what gives the f.a. planners flexilbility in choosing different attack options?
outcome of weaponeering list
what combines data & recommendations fr the 3 previous phases with combat assesment result?
what allows selection of the appropriate employment options to affect targets to the desired level?
what is the result of f.a.?
master attack plan, air tasking order
what is an optional doc derived from the TNL or ATO>
MAP includes what 4 info?
msn #
attack sqnce
target loc
what are 2 categories of attack sequence?
attack in series/parallel
what is also known as a frag order or frag?
where is the ato ito produced?
during what phase of the targeting cycle is the ato/ito produced?
the ato/ito production cycle usualy spans for how long and consists of how many phases?
30-72 hrs, 6
which ato phase may last for any duration but normally covers a ____ hr period?
executionphase, 24
what is the type of cmd guidance that affects how a master attack plan is laid out?
apportionment guidance
apportionment guidance ids the cmdrs wt of effort, expressed as a %, by the ___ of msns assigned to a particul _____ ____ & ____ ____
number of msns, msn type, geo area
what are the f.a. levels?
at what f.a. level are techniques used to conduct deliberate planning to ensure the cmdr has sufficient forces to conduct the campaign?
what is the primary level for f.a. & where daily atos are planned prepd & approved?
which level do sqdrn cmdrs recommend changes their assigned mission?
what kind of changes can be recommended at the f.a. tactical level?
# of aircraft
# of sorties
weapons load
what phase is bombs on targets?
what 2 levels does e.p. take place?
what e.p. level are types of target materials and mapping products needed to perform a msn id at?
exectuion of the ato is monitored during what e.p. level?
what is the primary fxn performed by a unit at the tactical level?
msn planning
what e.p. level is bombs on target?
what is MPC what does it do?
Mission planning cell
breaks out ato in order to determine what msns hav been tasked
what is the process of determining the effectiveness of military operations to ascertain whether the cmdrs objectives are met?
combat assessment
what is the objective of c.a.?
to det the overall effectiveness of force applied during military ops and id recommend for course of future ops
what are 3 subcats of c.a.?
what is an assessment of military force applied to determine the effectiveness of tactics, weapon systems, munitions, fuzing, and delivery system?
what 5 things does mea determine?
weapon systems
delivery systems
what are 5 objectives of mea?
weapon sys
munition performance
recommd changes to correct deficiencies
id new sys require.
what are some far reaching effects of mea?
id deficient in exist wpn sys
provide updates for db
id tactics
highlight tactics
validate accuracy
id need for upgrade
what is the key element of c.a.?
what are 3 sub comp of bda?
phys dmg assesment
fxnl dmg assessmt
target sys assessmt
what are 5 general cats of phys dmg?
severe dmg
moderate dmg
light dmg
no dmg
during physical assessmt, what 2 dmgs are also reported and what are the differences?
collateral (bad), additional (good)
structural dmg results from what?
blast or fire or both
what are 3 interpretation techniques for id blast dmg effects on imagery?
presence of visible craters
circular apprnce of dmg
sever dmg, encircled by leser
degree of dmg
what are 3 interpretation technqs for fire dmg?
no bomb craters visible
sq/rectangle dmg patterns
discolor of adjacent area by
ash & smoke
material & equipment in a bldg are soft and vulnerable to both what effects?
blast & frag
what are the 6 cats of fxnl dmg cats?
fxn destroyed
lt fxnl dmg
mod fxnl dmg
severe fxnl dmg
no fxnl degradation
what missions shut down enemy comm, preventing enemy sys fr coord attacks against friendly forces?
compass call
compasscall msns are known as?
defense suppression msns
what is the best way to achieve an accurate report and what does it help?
all intell, negat enemy tactical deception measure during bda
bda is performed at what 4 levels
component (mostly)
whats the last component of c.a. ?
re-attack recommendation/msn assessmt
what phase does tct take place?
execution monitoring in e.p. phase
what is primarily concerned w/ targets of high value & require immediate response, or have a limited window of vulnerability?
tct attacks are crtical to ensure what?
the successful execution of JFC ops
tst poses or will pose what?
clear & present danger to friendly forces, maybe lucrative, fleeing targets of opportunity.
6 steps of tct?
what sets the basic procedural framework for components to expedite targeting tct/tsts
cmdrs objectives & guidance
what are 5 poss tcts?
mobile high threat sams
c2 vehicles
under what circumstances do ordinary fixed targets such as power stations be classified as tst?
if they present a lucrative opportunity & support overall objective of the OPORD
primary weapons systems suitable for tct attacks in an op area are dependent upon what 3 factors
proximity of component sys
suitability of cpnt sys
against a target
wpn sys response time
gp bombs can be used for what 2 things?
guided weapons, mines
what are the 4 dmg mechs for gp bombs?
frag, incend, crater, blast
which bombs are not retarded, or retarded?
non-retarded=high alt
retard=low alt
what are 2 methods of retarding a gp bomb?
real attached fins
parachute retard/ballutes
how are gp bombs dropped?
pairs or sticks
what are the 4 mk 80 series bombs and wt, and who use them?
mk 81- 250 lbs - navy
mk 82- 500 lbs- af
mk 83- 1000 -navy
mk 84- 2000 - af
how much does the moab weigh?
21,000 lbs, 18,000= filler
which missile contains a 24 lb shaped charge warhead?
agm 114 hellfire
what are 2 laser designation modes for agm114?
what are 5 common operating principles of lgbs?
all use semi-active homing
aka gbus
becomes dumb bomb is lost
homes in on laser energy
signal fr launcraft, other,
or grd sce
what are the paveway 2 gbus?
10, 12, 16
how much does the 10, 12, 16 gbus weigh?
10= mk84
12= mk 82 whd
16= mk 83 navy whd
which gbus are pavewya 3?
24, 27, 28
which gbu is carried only by the f117?
gbu 27
what are two notable penetration weapons?
blu 109= 2000 lbs
blu 13= 2x +100 more lbs of filler
which penetration bomb has delay fuze tail?
blu 109
which penetration bomb perforates thru 20 ft of concrete?
blu 113
a dispenser contains how many submun?
what are the dmg mechs for cbu?
blast, frag, incen, shaped charges, crater
the pattern of cbu varies on what 3 things?
#of subs
delivery conditions
the cbu 52 consists of what two things?
suu 30, 220 blu 61 ab
which cbu causes a doughnut or toroidal?
cbu 52
which cbu is a conventional munition designed to achieve multiple kills per pass?
cbu 97 sfw
cbu 97 hits what things?
what does the cbu 97 consist of?
suu 66, 10 blu 108 (40 projectiles per dispenser)
if a cbu 97 fails to detect target it self destructs at what time?
8 sec after release
which munition system deploys 2 types of mines simultaneously?
gater cbu 89
what are 2 mines of the gator?
blu91-a-t bidirect
blu 92- ap- grd burst tripline
fuzes serve what 2 basic purposes?
safe storage & handling
launch of wpn & initiate frng
sqnc @ approp time
what are 3 principal modes of initiation?
which fuze initiation designed to fxn w/ least poss delay on microseconds?
instantaneous/sq fuze
which fuze range from milliseconds to days?
which fuze are inertia activated tail fuze and have an inherent delay of approx 3 milliseconds?
what are 5 wpn effects of whds?
shaped charge
how is a wpn signature determined?
weapon type, fuze