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This is title of the person at the top of the Base Civil Engineer (BCE) structure.
The Squadron Commander or Base Civil Engineer (BCE)is at what level of the Base Civil Engineer (BCE) Structure?
What is another duty of the Base Civil Engineer or CE Squadron Commander?
Base Fire Marshall is another duty of whom?
This is the largest flight in CE, maintains facilities and provides utility support through maintenance engineering, material acquisition, heavy repair, facility maintenance zones, and infrastructure support.
The Operations Flight.
This flight designs and plans, manages work requests and oversees contractor work.
The Engineering Flight.
This flight manages finances, manpower and real property as well as the ACES database.
The Resources Flight.
This flight manages dorm and family housing assignments, facilities and contract services.
The Housing Flight.
This flight manages base compliance to environmental regulations and oversees environmental awareness and abuse prevention programs.
The Environmental Flight.
This flight provides recon, safing, and training for all explosive materials encountered by AF personnel.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight.
This flight provides crash and rescue functions for the flightline as well as firefighting support and training to the base.
The Fire Protection Flight.
What does the acronym "Prime BEEF" stand for/
Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force.