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Atopic Dermatitis is distributed how in

This condition is distributed on the

face (infants)
flexor surfaces (children)
flexor w/ lichenification/excoriation (adults)
Treatment for Acute Atopic Dermatitis
wet dressings
topical corticosteroids

with chronic use oatmeal baths
What distinguishes Rosacea from Acne?
The presence of comedones distinguishes which two conditions?
What medication can cause blue pigmentation of the skin/nails?
Minocyclin can cause what side effect?
Perioral dermatitis and Rosacea should never be treated with what?
Corticosteroids should never be used to treat what conditions?
What is the pathology causing psoriasis, a plaque with Auspit's Sign (pinpoint bleeding upon plaque removal) most commonly seen on elbows, knees, and scalp.
A genetic mutation resulting in proliferation of immature T-Cells causes what condition with what symptoms?
Guttate psoriasis is associated with what type of infection?
Upper respiratory infections are associated with what type of psoriatic skin condition?
Herpes Simplex 1 causes
Fever, sore throat, and painful vesicles in the mouth are associated with what skin condition?
Tinea Corporis (ringworm) presents how?
Patient presents with an angular patch that has distinctive raised red scaling with clearing center. What is it?
Tinea Capitis is treated with what and presents how?
Pt presents with painful, tender-bogginess, with pustules and draining sinus tracts. Treatment is with systemic antifungals. What is it?
Pityriasis Rosea should be differentiated from what other conditions through serological testing?
Guttate Psoriasis and Secondary Syphilis may be confused with what condition, and should be distinguished how?
Lichen Planus has what major symptoms?
A patient presenting with honey colored crusts is most likely suffering from an infection of what organism?
Staph aureus is the culprit in a common childhood bacterial infection presenting with what lesions?
Describe Cellulitis and the organisms that can cause it.
This trauma and stasis ulcer is an infection and inflammation of the deep dermis, often caused by Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes.
Verrucae are aka
Warts are aka
1-3 weeks after starting a drug, a patient presents with fever, itch, and lymphadenopathy. What are the most likely causative agents?

These can cause what condition?
When perscribing systemic corticosteroids, be on the alert for....
Increased BP
Peptic Ulcers

can be caused by overuse of what medications?
Dermatitis Herpetiformis is caused by granular deposition of IgA in dermal papillae that can manifest as a result of what other condition?
Gluten Sensitivity can cause what condition?
Uticaria definition.
Recurrent and transient whealing due to plasma leakage. Has rapid onset and resolution.
ST elevation indicates
Total artery occlusion is indicated by