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1. The Bidding requirement consists of the:
Invitation to Bid
Instructions to Bidders
Bid Form
True or False:

2. In the case of public work, an Invitation to Bid is circulated to certain selected bidders.
True or False:

3. An Invitation to Bid is used by owners to attract competitive bids.
True or False:

An Invitation to Bid includes a Bid Form.
True or False:

5. An Invitation to Bid Provides:
a. Bidding Documents
b. Instruction to Bidders
c. Information on the project
d. None of the above
C. Information on the project
6. Instructions to Bidders provides information on:
a. Type of contract
b. Bid Security
c. Requirement to prepare and submit a bid.
d. None of the above
C. Requirement to prepare and submit a bid.
7. Procedures describing how a contract will be awarded should be noted in the
a. Invitation to Bid
b. Instructions to Bidders
c. Bid Form
d. Supplementary Conditions
B. Instructions to Bidders
8. A standard Bid Form should be prepared by the following to ensure similarity:
a. Subcontractors
b. Contractors
c. Architect/engineer or issuing agency
d. Bonding agency
C - Architect/engineer or issuing agency
9. Information on how bids may be withdrawn or modified should be explained in the:
c. Instructions to Bidders
Unit Prices should be listed in the
c. Bid form