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common law doctrine under which persons can be held liable for using their property in a way that unreasonably interferes with others' rights to use or enjoy their own property

-plaintiff may sue for injunction and damages

-neglience requires additional element of duty of care and breach of the duty
When is an environmental impact statement required?
for any major federal action that will significantly affect the quality of the environment
Who can the EPA recover costs from under superfund?
-shippers to the site
-generators of the waste
-former owners of the waste site
-current owners of the waste site
-potentially others
-business names
*Life of author, plus 95 years

applies to:
-works of art
20 years

applies to:
-processes (software)
Trade Secret
any info (including formulas, patterns, programs, devices, techniques, and processes) that a business possess that gives the business an advantage over competitors who do not know the info or processes

e.g. Bush's Baked Beans recipe