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What did Rosa Parks refuse to do when asked by the bus driver?
to get up from her bus seat and give to a white person
Why did Rosa Parks refuse to get up from her bus seat?
she was tired of being humiliated
Who helped Rosa Park's husband get her out of jail?
Mr. Nixon and Martin Luther King, Jr.
What form of protesting started because of Rosa Park's refusla to give up her bus seat?
The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Did all African-American from the Montgomery area participate in the bus boycott?
What did Martin Luther King, Jr. want all people to be judged upon?
their character
What kind of job did Martin Luther King, Jr. have during the 1950's and 1960's?
What was the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. famous speech?
"I Have a Dream"
What was Martin Luther King, Jr's dream?
all poeople are treated equally or fairly
How did Martin Luther King, Jr. die?
Was Booker T Washington Born into slavery?
What was the name of the plantation where Booker T. lived as a young boy?
Mr. Bourough's Plantation
What was Booker T. Washington's dream?
to learn to read
What occupation did Booker T. Washington select?
Teacher or Principal
What was the name of the instiute Booker T. Washington founded?