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What is a first line medication for a patient with Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)?
(Prednisone, 1–2 mg/kg/day in divided doses, is initial therapy)
What supplements are given to a patient with AIHA?
Folate and sometimes Iron (if iron stores are low).
What are the downfalls of IV immune globulins?
They are expensive, and the benefit is short lived (1-3 weeks).
If a patient with AIHA has splenomegaly, is a splenectomy indicated?
Splenectomy if prednisone is ineffective or if disease recurs on tapering dose.
What extra measures must be taken before blood transfusions in patients with COLD AIHA?
The blood must be warmed before transfusion.
What is the purpose of transfusions?
To increase the Hematocrit of the patient (good RBC's)
The risk of acute hemolysis of transfused blood is _____?
A: High.

(Most transfused blood will survive similarly to the patient's own red blood cells)
True or False:

Incompatible blood is often used for transfusions in patients with AIHA?

Because of difficulty in performing the cross-match, incompatible blood may be given. Use the least incompatible blood if transfusions are indicated.
The serum levels of _____ must be closely monitored in patients with AIHA and are undergoing transfusions.
Iron. Chelation may be necessary.