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German dictator
- wrote Mein Kampf
- formed Nazi Party
- violated Treaty of Versailles
Adolf Hitler
National Socialist German Workers Party organized by Hitler
Nazi Party
Italian dictator - Il Duce
Benito Mussolini
strong dictatorships that stressed nationalism and power
fascist governments
Axis powers
Dealings with Latin American countries that was initiated by Hoover and continued by Roosevelt.
Good Neighbor Policy
British Prime Minister who said, "You chose dishonor, and you will have war!"
Winston Churchill
The attempt to appease Hitler and avoid war by giving in to his demands.
dictator of the Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin
lightening war
Britain (1939)
France (1939)
Soviet Union (1941)
United States (1941)
legislation that allowed the president to send equipment to any nation in which the receipt of such equipment might be vital to American defense in return for property, services, or equipment for American use
Lend-Lease Act
attacked December 7, 1941 which resulted in American declaring war on Japan
Pearl Harbor
those who sincerely believed that the was was wrong
conscientious objectors
American General who led troops in "Operation Torch" North Africa in 1942
Dwight D. Eisenhower
June 6, 1944
Largest invasion force in history landed in Normandy
German counterattack in Dec. 1944 where they surrounded an American division in Bastogne.
battle of the Bulge
February 1945 meeting of FDR, Churchill, and Stalin
Yalta Meeting
May 8, 1945
Victory in Europe Day after Germany surrendered
V-E Day
American General who was forced to leave the Philippines in Dec. 1941, but promised the Filipinos, "I shall return."
Douglas MacArthur
The 3 day battle that was unusual because it was the first sea battle in which all of the fighting was done by airplanes. It successfully stopped Japanese advances toward Australia.
battle of the Coral Sea
American Admiral who would "island-hop" across the mid-Pacific, taking certain key islands in three chains
Chester Nimitz
Japanese airfield in Solomon Islands near New Guinea
"costliest chunk of rock and black sand taken by the U.S. Marine Corps"
Over 5000 Marines died during its capture in early 1945.
Iwo Jima
Japanese suicide attack planes
The last obstacle to Japanese mainland. Assault lasted from April to June 1945. Over 110,000 Japanese died.
In Los Alamos, New Mexico, these brilliant scientists and engineers assembled the materials for the atomic bomb.
Manhattan Project
American President who approved dropping the atomic bombs in Japan.
Harry S. Truman
July 26, 1945
Truman demanded unconditional surrender of Japan or total destruction. Japan's new premier refused.
Potsdam Declaration
Aug. 6, 1945 - the Japanese town where the first atomic bomb was dropped
Aug. 9, 1945
The city on which the U.S. dropped a single plutonium bomb called "Fat Boy".