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Who was elected President in 1920 and had a slogan of "return to normalcy" ?
Warren G. Harding
What limited naval shipbuilding by the 5 major powers?
Treaty of Washington - 1921
What treaty was signed with 62 other nations in 1928 to outlaw war?
Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact
Who became President after Harding?
Calvin Coolidge
What American pilot was a hero of the 1920s and what did he accomplish in 1927?
Charles A. Lindbergh (first to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean)
What rebellious girls became the symbol of the Roaring Twenties?
What was the 18th Amendment in 1919?
Prohibition (made intoxicating liquors illegal)
What were illegal taverns called?
What was the big business of selling illegal liquor?
Who was the leader of a large crime ring in Chicago nicknamed "Scarface"?
Al Capone
What famous trial took place as a result of the teaching of evolution?
Scopes Trial (Dayton, Tennessee)
Who used government property for his own profit and became the first cabinet member in history to be imprisoned for misdeeds in office?
Albert B. Fall
What act of corruption is associated with Albert B. Fall?
Teapot Dome Scandal
What Republican was elected President in 1928?
Herbert Hoover