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What are the components of an information system?
People, Hardware, Networks, Software, Databases, Information
What is ftp? What is it used for?
File Transfer Protocol- used for moving files between computers to which you have access
What distinguishes blogging from normal HTML pages? Is a blog an HTML page? Is an HTML page a blog?
A blog is an HTML page but an HTML page is not necessarily a blog, the difference is you don’t have to use HTML format to create a blog.
What does it mean to participate in a social bookmarking site?
To participate in a bookmarking site means to bookmark sites collectively on one page and share the sites with others. Saving bookmarks on the internet and being able to see others.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of social bookmarking?
Benefits are quick access to all your tagged sites, drawbacks include less privacy, other people can view your sites.
What is a one-variable data table? Two variable data table?
One-variable: specify one input cell and multiple result cells
Two-variable: specify two input cells and only one result cell
What is an RSS feed?
A structured document that contains summaries of and pointers to news and blog items
What is an RSS reader?
An application that allows you to easily read RSS feeds
What are the differences between what a search engine does and what a social bookmarking service does?
A search engine automatically matches searched terms to documents while a social bookmarking site enables sharing of interest in specific web sites
What are some benefits gained when moving from a RSS reader application based on your own computer to a Web-based RSS reader? There
There is a lot more information and from other sources on a Web-based RSS reader.
What is the difference between search and discovery?
Search is looking for information about a specific topic, while Discovery is finding something that you did not know.
Describe different measures of computing speed.
FLOPS: Floating Point Operations Per Second (megaflops, giga, tera, peta)
What does a processor do? What distinguishes one processor from another?
A processor does actual calculations related to numbers, text, video, audio; some processors are dual-core, they have different numbers of transistors and are used for different things(i.e. corporate servers)
What factors influence the speed of a computer?
The kinds of operations a computer can perform and the different vendors, also the processor clock speed, bus speed, bus width, and memory speed
What’s the relationship between the processor and the motherboard?
The motherboard contains specialized chips such as video and audio processing
What's a bus?
The bus is communication between the microprocessor, RAM, and the peripherals
What's Moore's Law?
Moore's law says the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every 18 months
How can the speed of one computer be compared with the speed of another?
Using benchmarks which are usually based on suite of applications
What is a supercomputer?
The largest and fastest computers
What’s the difference between a bit and a byte?
A bit is a binary digit (on=1; off=0) while a byte is a series of 8 of these digits
What is a mainframe?
A type of computer that provides centralized storage, processing, and management for large amounts of data
What are three kinds of input devices?
Keyboard, mouse, wireless pointer
What are four features that distinguish one monitor from another?
Screen size, graphics display, Resolution, and use of LCD technology
What are different units of storage (or memory)?
RAM which is active during the processing function, Virtual memory is the extra memory when all the RAM is used up, Read-Only Memory which is a permanent location containing instructions for booting up your computer, and CMOS which contains information about where the essential software is stored
What’s the difference between volatile and non-volatile memory? What kind of memory is volatile?
Volatile memory can be added to, while non-volatile memory can’t be touched. RAM is volatile, but ROM is not.
What are the two types of files stored on a disk? What’s the difference between the two?
There are executable files and data files: executable files contain instructions on how to perform a specific task, while data files are created by the users.
What are the two different types of software?
Application Software and System Software- makes hardware more usable
Why does your computer have an operating system? What functions does it handle? Why do we care about what operating system a computer has?
Operating systems handle simultaneous program execution, manage resources, file management, monitor performance and security, and provide tools for creating user interfaces
What are the different ways in which a computer can handle simultaneous execution?
Single program, multi-threading, multi-tasking, and multi-processing
What is the relationship between software and open source software (OSS)?
Open source software’s source code is available to everyone
Can an operating system be open source?
Yes, Linux
Is it possible to make money with OSS?
Yes because you can sell support and related services, accessories, etc…
What is a database?
A repository of structured business data which contains large volumes of data that many people may access
What is a database management system? What are its components?
Software that controls the creation, maintenance, and use of a database—makes it easier to manage large amounts of data stored on magnetic disk, components include data dictionary, data definition language, data manipulation language, database utilities, report generator
What are the different parts of a data table?
Attributes: fields/data items, Relation: table/file, Primary Key, Tuple: row/record, Attribute value
What are the problems with flat file structure?
insertions or adding new rows is difficult, updates, deletions
What is the purpose of SQL?
The standard language for defining and manipulating data in a relational database (standard query language)
What is normalization?
Normalization is the process of ensuring that every field in a table depends on the key and it eliminates problems of insertion, update and deletion
What’s the purpose of building an ER diagram?
Entity Relationships- tells you what tables, primary keys, and foreign keys you need and helps document the database
What is prime key? What is a foreign key?
A primary key is the category the table is based on, and a foreign key is a primary key of a table and non-key in another
What is an ERP system?
ERP software attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single system
What are the pros and cons of ERP software?
Advantages: enterprise integration, built-in processes, better management information, reduced inventory; Disadvantages: must modify business to fit system, may lose competitive differentiation, may increase costs
What lead to the development of integrated enterprise systems?
New legal requirements, changes in level and kinds of competition, new technologies, new lines of business, need for better info and management reporting
What is the purpose of the SDLC?
Used to think about how to organize IS projects
What are the steps in the SDLC?
Investigation to Analysis, then software acquisition or design-programming-testing, then implementation and finally operation and maintenance
What are the pros and cons of in-house development?
Advantages can meet all user needs, software and experience are an asset, can control development process, can ensure compatibility, can adapt to changing needs, disadvantages: may take a long time, initial cost is higher, uncertain project outcome, in-house maintenance required
What are the pros and cons of out source development?
Advantages: staffing economies of scale, specialization
Disadvantages: lack of business expertise, contract problems, cost
What are some of the causes of failure of systems development projects?
Lack of senior management oversight, lack of management support, underestimating resource needs, inadequate project control mechanisms, insufficient planning, requiring not well-defined, resistance to change
What are the major risks associated with systems development projects?
failure to obtain expected benefits, cost overruns, schedule slippage, poor technical performance
What are the seven components of a computer network?
computer hardware, networking hardware, media, communications software, protocols, providers, applications
What is the difference between a router and a switch?
A router connects networks and a switch connects computers and devices to form a LAN
Understand how latency and bandwidth can be used to describe the speed of communication media
latency is how quickly a particular bit can get from point A to point B. Bandwidth is the total number of bits you can move from point A to point B in a given time.
What are a couple of examples of wired and wireless media
Wired: optical fiber and coaxial cable
Wireless: wi-fi, bluetooth
What's the difference between a LAN and a WAN
A LAN is local area network, a network where computers are within a single department or building; a WAN is a wide-area network, a network that covers several buildings or cities
What is the difference between the internet and the web and which one is bigger
The internet is a network of networks, the web is a collection of documents and applications accessible via the http protocol. The internet hosts the web among many other things, the internet is bigger.
What is http used for
http is used for sharing documents over the internet
what does an IP address look like
What's a domain name?;
what does a domain name server do?
maintains table of domain names and related IP addresses, converts domain names to their IP addresses
Label and point out parts of URL
http=protocol, edu/com=top-level domain, www.umich=sub-domain, ~regoff=directory, /index.html=file
Who owns and controls the internet?
What's a client and what's a server
client is the computer a person interacts with, usually responsible for data entry process. Server is not visible to the user, usually works on large processing jobs