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Lawfully issued stock that has been reacquired by the issuing corporation and remains uncanceled.
Treasury Stock
The total of the debt and equity securities issued by a corporation.
Obligations of a corporation secured only by the general credit of the issuer.
Bonds secured by a lien on the rolling stock of a railroad.
Equipment Trust Certificate
Real property pledged as security for a debt issue.
Mortgage Bond
The dollar amount assigned to a common stock by the company's charter.
Par Value
New Bonds are sold by an issuer and the money is used to buy back existing debt securities.
Issued and not outstanding, and it is always non-voting.
Treasury Stock
In the name of the owner.
Registered Bond
The result of the issuer of a debt security failing to pay timely interest.
Semi-annual interest payments with an opportunity for the investor to benefit if the common stock rises in value.
Convertible bond
An investor in debt securities receives this at maturity.
Par Value
If any dividends have been skipped in the past,shareholders must be brought current before any dividends may be paid to common.
Cumulative Preferred Stock
Who has Senoir claim over common stock for dividends and assets upon liquidation?
Any debt security or preferred stock has priority.
A certificate granting the right to purchase common stock at a specified price, sometimes perpetually, used as a sweetener.